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Beneath the Burrard Street Bridge

March 8, 2009

Photo by Dylan Yee

This weekend it was sunny and it snowed, and Oprah didn’t buy the penthouse.  Vancouver is a crazy place.  I love it to death, never mind my occasional mad rant.  Isn’t being a curmudgeon is part of who we are?  Whether it’s Kerrisdale NIMBYs, Bus Riders’ Unionists, or anyone perched on the steps of the art gallery, Vancouver people find purpose in a constant state of upset.

I once attended a lecture at the VPL about the future of newspapers.  On the panel were media people like Charlie Smith from the Georgia Straight. When the mic came to the audience, everyone had something to whine about.  One guy even laid into the press for not reporting the “connection” between Osama bin Laden and a “secret base” under the Burrard Street Bridge.

The conspiracy theorist’s rant is a classic Vancouver moment.  Nothing about real estate prices is going to change this.  Same goes for your marble countertop or Miele range.  A city isn’t the sum of its glossy appliances.  Whether things go boom or bust, whether you’re a renter or buyer, Vancouver is Vancouver.  Always.

Photo credit: Dylan Yee

Living. Redefined

March 26, 2007

It’s living, redefined. A new perspective on the Vancouver existence. A spectacular series of observations about the marketing of residential property. Experience the vibrant contempt only minutes from downtown. Elegant. Opulent. Two hundred and forty square feet. Welcome to condohype.