About Condohype

It’s living, redefined. A new perspective on the Vancouver existence. A spectacular series of observations about the marketing of residential property. Experience the vibrant contempt only minutes from downtown. Elegant. Opulent. Two hundred and forty square feet. Welcome to Condohype.

Launched in March 2007, Condohype takes a critical look at Vancouver condo marketing, real estate reporting and the culture of condo life.

Email: condohype@gmail.com

Praise and condemnation

“A very hot B.C. blog that’s currently riling the condominium development and marketing industry. The posts are sharp and worth a read … whether you’re in the biz or not.” BCBusiness

“Takes a demented pleasure in writing about the worst of [condo marketing] efforts.” Financial Post

“The sarcasm is perhaps a little undignified, but you can hardly blame them for feeling satisfied. They diagnosed market madness. And, with varying degrees of insight and eloquence, they were correct.” The Globe and Mail

“Perhaps the best blog about Vancouver’s frenzied condo obsession.” Megaphone Magazine

“If the fellow who pens the Condohype blog had his own newspaper column or radio show, life for a lot of newly broke people would be better.” Scout Magazine

“One of Vancouver’s most prescient ‘reality-based’ real estate commentators.” The Gazetteer

“Caustic commentary on real-estate marketing materials from someone for whom making a living probably involves, uh, writing real-estate marketing materials.” Vancouver Magazine

“Look out all you yuppies. This man attacks the hype in the ubiquitous Vancouver condo ad with gratuitous amounts of sarcasm.”  Beyond Robson

“Of all the trends that sweep Vancouver, the most enduring is real estate fever. Marketing seems to focus on lifestyle and luxury, but the backlash may have begun….Condohype offers a humourous reality check when aspiration and attitude are the main selling points for a new home.” Urban Trendz

“I am glad there are forums such as Condohype where people can express their opinions.” Peter Simpson, CEO, Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association

“Very funny writing with a heavily sarcastic bent and a solid focus.” Vancouver Condo Info

“A recommended read. I actually have a little bit of blog envy. If only I was so funny, well read, and had a little more time.” Vancouver (Un)Real Estate

“Great site! I like it a lot.” VHB

“So friggin’ boring. Show us what good marketing looks like.” Paul

“Often hilarious, always devastating.” Rob Cottingham

“So you dislike lifestyle condo marketing and enjoy nit-picking poor ad copy. Good for you, son. I’m going to hazard a guess: you don’t own any real estate, do you.” GBiddy

“There’s no point in trying to be wittier than Condohype.” Kitsilano.ca

“This blog started nicely, but it’s pretty much crap now.” Passerby


The Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver Best Local Activists’ Website, 2008

Best of 604 Awards Runner-up, Best Humour Blog, 2008

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