Condohype meets Mansbridge

The National

There’s a possibility of a Condohype appearance on tonight’s edition of The National.  Fewer things in life are better than Peter Mansbridge, and this is coming from a guy who owns a stainless-steel fridge.

Tonight, Peter and the gang are doing a special feature on Vancouver real estate.   The mothership is already linking here so you know their coverage is gonna be hipper than most.  Should this blog get an on-air mention, this writer would experience such extraordinary delight, it could spell an end to my curmudgeonly ways for good.

The National airs at 6pm on Newsworld, 10pm on the main network, and about 14 other times in between.  If you miss it, Rex Murphy will hit you with a devastating cutting remark.  He’s a Rhodes scholar.  Don’t mess with him.

17 Responses to “Condohype meets Mansbridge”

  1. PM Says:


  2. Mrs Loquacious Says:

    I’m so tuning in! I hope coverage is bleak and realistic, rather than tainted by the kool-aid.

  3. oneangryslav Says:

    You’ve almost hit the big time (almost)! You’ll know you’ve really arrived when Glen Beck invites you to cry with him on Faux News because Obama’s a socialist/fascist/redneck/ who is going to take down not only the real estate market, but the whole United States.

    Somehow, I don’t think Mansbridge will cry.

  4. exx Says:

    That Toronto Realtor on The National made me choke on my dinner when she said that last year she would’ve advised her client to wait. I wonder how many sales she had last year? I hope none of them were watching!

  5. Davers Says:

    I was pretty shocked the vancouver realtor said people need to get real with their prices and lower them or take the home off the market. Granted he needs to say something to sell some homes because he won’t make any money if homes just sit on the market.

  6. mk-kids Says:

    OMG! Our little CH, all grown up and playing in the big leagues … it makes me so proud!

  7. tragicspin Says:

    I saw the show, did I miss the ‘hype’? I did see the shoebox condos for 800K now listed at 6 and not selling because ‘the vendor has to” lololololololololol.

  8. condohype Says:

    This post is the hype. No mention on the broadcast, only on their website. Alas, only a virtual meeting with Mr. Mansbridge.

    Also I should make a correction: I don’t technically “own” a stainless steel fridge. Both in the sense that the fridge isn’t mine (I rent) and it’s probably not stainless steel. It’s more of a shiny silvery plastic with a Whirlpool logo in the corner.

  9. DG Says:

    @Davers: Not that shocking, really. Realtor compensation doesn’t change that much if your house sells for $50k less. On a $500k house, real estate commissions will typically be 7% of the first $100k and 3% of the balance, or $19,000. If the home sells for $450k the commission is still $17,500. I don’t have much time for realtors (is there another “profession” other than prostitution that has lower barriers to entry??), but the few good ones are more worried about selling quickly rather than $1,500 in theoretically lost commissions.

    On the flip side, the worst realtors are the ones who flatter the seller by convincing them their house should be listed for far more than it’s worth (or simply aren’t tough enough to burst the seller’s bubble). Inevitably it sits on the market for months and the price gets reduced, reduced, reduced, until it sells for less than if it had been priced properly in the first place.

  10. blueskies Says:

    ch: congrats!

    one of those first “erection” moments you never forget…:-)

  11. JC Says:

    This is a great blog. I’d like to see it stay that way. Not drinking the CBC kool aid is all for the best. When you dance with the Devil, you don’t change the Devil, he changes you.

  12. islander Says:

    Stop being such a whiner.
    Sell your own house.
    Realtors don’t control you.

  13. Carioca Canuck Says:

    I noted on the CBC website you linked that the article will talk about the “silver lining” being the first time home buyer.

    Wazzup with that eh ?

    Seems that is now every REIC spinmasters angle……are FTB’ers the only ones left that are stupid enough to go into a lifetime of debt for an illiquid depreciating asset ?

  14. paulb Says:

    “That Toronto Realtor on The National made me choke on my dinner when she said that last year she would’ve advised her client to wait. I wonder how many sales she had last year? I hope none of them were watching!”

    +1. I LMAO what a joke.

    Nice neighbourhood they were looking in also… need a bullet proof vest.

  15. Tony Danza Says:

    I agree with JC. I mean do you really want to be lumped in with Rob “The Best Realtor Anywhere” Chipman?

    All in all I found the Vancouver RE story was told through a slightly rose tinted lens. I was hoping for a follow up interview with the “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM” megalomaniacal condo specuvestor of Global news fame.

  16. Jesse Says:

    I never get why Realtors try to be so optimistic with the price. Inevitably they either overprice the place and it sits until it expires or they have to go back to the seller and recommend a cut. Seems it would be better to price it fairly but I guess some sellers are so greedy it’s hard to be realistic. Either that or they honestly think they can get the price they promise. I guess hope springs eternal in the spring!

  17. fatcat Says:

    Banks have shortened their lending policy to new immigrants to 1-3 years.
    Previously new comers have up to 10 years to buy principal house and investment properties without producing work and income statements or credit check. More will rush to buy properties before their time frame of 1 year is up. Watch for brief list/sale creeping up the months to come.

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