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I spent last night reading over all the posts I’ve written.  The earliest days of the blog — specifically those leading up to the market peak in Spring 2008 — are undoubtedly the best.  It’s in this period where the writing’s ironic deconstruction is at its most devastating and most funny.

Part of me longs for the days of bidding wars and double-digit appreciation. In those insane times Vancouver hit the apex of its narcissism.  In our self-love, we found meaning in a condo-cultural existence.  Sophisticated.  Discerning.  Urbane. Marketers called it “the lifestyle.”  Vancouver, the city of dreams — yours to own — starting at $800 a square foot.

After more than 24 months, 200 posts and millions in disappeared market value, Condohype is in foreclosure.  This is my last post.  Falling prices and a contracting economy have humbled the Vancouver real estate fantasia.  The changing conditions of the market make my brand of comedy less funny.  Irony is my weapon of choice and there’s no irony in watching an inflated economy collapse.  It is the natural course.

History will be mostly unkind when it looks back on the boom years.  So much of a culture is summed by the advertising of the day.  When researchers look back at the condo ads, what will they make of Vancouver circa 2002-2008?  Probably a lot like what we make of consumer marketing of the 1950s:  Silly, offensive and alien to modern values.  Father knows best?  Own the lifestyle?

Despite all that’s happened, I still love Vancouver.  It’s a strange love but love nonetheless.  It’s like that crush you had in high school — the one that rejected you and you’re madly in love with regardless.  Over the years, you may have become bitter, at times even angry, but you never give up that some day the dream will come to be. (Those who give up move to Toronto.)

So, I guess this is the part where we say goodbye.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll put an end to the rumour about my identity.  For the record, I am not Bob Rennie.

Thank you so much for reading.  I hope you’ve had a fun time.  The comments are open for final thoughts.

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126 Responses to “Foreclosure”

  1. condohype Says:

    Those of you who wish to comment privately can email me at Another approach for private messaging is to post a few f-bombs in the body of the comment and have it caught by the filter. Not exactly the classiest way to show your appreciation but hey, it’s an option.

  2. househuntvictoria Says:

    Thanks for the laughs. You’ve inspired many a post and provided a much needed, lighter-hearted look into the madness that is real estate in BC. You will be missed.

  3. Rob Says:

    Best of luck and thanks for all of the good work. Your site was a beacon of rationality during the dark days of advertising hypberbole. Or in condospeak… your sophisticated blog became the destination of choice amongst succesful urbane and discerning surfers.

    Hope you leave the archives up online.


    Rob (happy renter)

  4. Ulsterman Says:

    Although always sad to see a great blog go, i agree that it is hard to keep this cutting humour fresh when the ads are essentially gone. The only thing left really would be for you to take the CKNW real-estate informercials-masquerading-as-news-stories to task.

    Thanks for the juicy sarcasm and dry humour so rare this side of the atlantic.

  5. J Says:

    Condohype, thank you for the blog. It’s been fun. Wish you wouldn’t go, but you knew that (and if memory serves, you planned to stop the blog once the market turned, not a year afterwards).

    Thanks – we’ll miss the hype.

  6. Patrick Says:

    if anything we need this blog more than ever
    yes the crash has sucked the fun out of mocking pretention but you give it a few motnhs ansd watch the armchair quarterbacks become emboldened to market the lifestyle all over again

    don’t go

  7. GhostRider Says:

    Of all the blogs/sites devoted to YVR’s RE debacle… Yours has always been my favourite. Thank you for all your work… and especially, the laughter. We’ll miss ya!…

  8. Dan Says:

    I’ll miss you.

  9. Robin Says:

    I first encountered the idea of “the bubble” when I noticed a ground-breaking ceremony at the Woodwards site (across the street from my studio). I googled “Woodwards + construction”, came onto the Vancouver Housing Bubble blog and became a bubble watcher (literally, as I watched them build the Woodwards development).

    The view from my studio was almost exactly the same as in this photo! Eventually, the new towers ruined my view and I moved.

    This morning I am killing time at a press check, actually using the same computer I was on when I first stumbled on condohype…

    The nostalgia *sniff*. Thanks for being the fun Vancouver bubble blog!

  10. VHB Says:

    Thank you for your dedication. I know how much it takes to keep posting over a long haul. I really enjoyed your blog. Now go do something with your life!


  11. john Says:

    VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE NEVER GO DOWN!!!! Live the life of a super star and buy your condo TODAY*! * “condo” is 100 sq ft over looking polluted industrial effluent, bullet proof glass not included, daily drive bys possible

  12. jesse Says:

    Thanks for the laughs and all the best in the future.

  13. bearette Says:

    Sigh. All the good ones go. This is like the fourth Van RE Blog I’ve watched die… I’m starting to feel old! Au revoir.

  14. E.G. Says:


    Are you going to continue to Tweet?

  15. Greg Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful website. Hope you continue to create another read worthy site. The best.

  16. Giup Says:

    Sad to hear you are foreclosing, I will miss you. Thank you for making sense.

  17. patriotz Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful wit, style, and creativity in opposition to the hypemasters.

    They talked like the city was another Paris, when it really was another Paris Hilton.

  18. mk-kids Says:

    You were always my favourite too CH.

  19. Dave Says:

    Robin, I was at the Woodwards groundbreaking ceremony.

    Do you remember the photo op with the jackhammers? When the mayor pulled the trigger, his pressurized air hose broke loose and started flying through the air spraying dust on the crowd. Everybody bolted in all directions. Maybe it was an omen.

    Anyways, thanks for the laughs.

  20. Condobarf Says:

    Thanks condohype, it’s been real fun!

    I too have a love affair with Vancouver. She’s like a dream with her long flowing hair and pretty scenery. Unfortunately the reality is that she’s hooked on crack and her drug dealer boyfriend has a Heckler and Koch automatic pistol that he’s threatened to kill me with.

  21. vancityguy Says:

    My only regret is I came onto the Vancouver blogosphere, and condohype, too late.

    But when it comes to bubbles, they’re like Springtime and Rocky sequels, it’s only a matter of time before another one shows up. Hopefully you’ll be around for the next one, whatever sector that may be in.

    Best of luck

  22. Brad Says:

    thanks for everything! now im moving to toronto..heh 🙂
    take care.

  23. Will Says:

    Foreclosure, eh? And they say bloggers don’t make money…hmmm, guess they’re right. So who foreclosed? Is it subject to court approval or will we go the auction route?

    On a more serious note I wrote a requiem for you on my site. This always was my fave non-realtor crafted (?) real estate blog. Hope to catch you around on twitter.

  24. mother of condohype Says:

    I will truly miss connecting with you this way.

  25. B2B Says:

    Simply brilliant – thanks for the great laughs and even more pointed perspective. You will truly be missed but our hearts are light as we watch the demise of the phenomenon you helped expose…



  26. Reinhard Says:

    Condohype has been an antidote to the delusion. A year ago, the alternative RE commentary scene was active and crowded. Now there’s hardly anyone left. You go = the balance goes. The RE industry might be preparing to try some new tricks – who’d poke fun at them (and, by doing it, confirm that I am sane)?

    OK, it’s your personal choice, but I am all against it 🙂 Post rarely. Go on hiatus. Wait for the wave to return. Phrase it positively. Just don’t drop the “I quit” bomb. And thank you.

  27. Urban Dweller Says:

    Say it ain’t so CH! Say it ain’t so. What will I read now on the Vancouver blogosphere that crap from BR or my own BS.

    We need you man, Vancouver needs you. This was my favourite Vancouver blog and I want to thank you for all the laughs. Best of luck in whatever you do, just to do be an asshat and move to Toronto.



  28. Ultraman Says:

    Thank you. You will be missed.

  29. blueskies Says:


    alas we hardly knew ye

    enjoy the moment!

    (ps. i knew you weren’t Rennie all along)

  30. midbach Says:

    So sad to see you packing it up but I get it. Thanks for the giggles!

  31. romeojordan Says:

    Condo H.

    Thanks for the information.

    I respect your decesion. The crash will have major economic and social implications – it is not funny at all.

    Best Wishes,


  32. Bally Says:

    CONDOHYPE – Dare to Dream!

    As a free-thinking individual your time is precious – you accept only the very best. Excellence, elegance and convenience are your watchwords. Following the herd is an anathema to a discriminating personality such as yourself. Second rate just doesn’t cut it – you are seeking the epitome of the Condo lifestyle.

    Finally your search is over! Condohype is the quintessential Vancouver real estate location. This is the most prestigious address in the city and everything about it says ‘you’ve arrived’! Sophisticated, urbane, contemporary – Condohype embodies a singular flair which dispenses pithy concision whilst diffusing verbosity Quality touches shine throughout. Bon-mot’s pepper the art-deco façade. It is a beacon of reality in a fog of prolixity. With easy access to anywhere a discerning character might wish to go, you owe it to yourself to visit.

    Condohype – it’s not a condominium – it’s an experience.

    Act now before this unique opportunity passes you by…

    Condonhype – it’s not just an address, it’s an experience.

  33. Sold2Soon Says:

    Loved the blog. Thanks for your part in bringing sense to the insanity!

  34. Bally Says:

    Sorry about the crappy proof-reading – my screen is so small I had a lot spotting all the mistakes.

  35. beta Says:

    Thanks for the great blog. You combined valuable info with humour & wit in a way that no other housing blog has (or any other type of blog to my knowledge).

    I understand your decision completely: this was the blog for its time, but that time is passing. Personally, I’m reading and posting much less since the local housing crash transitioned from a debatable proposition to a foregone conclusion.

    You provided a great service and many, many laughs. I wish you all the best.

  36. greg Says:

    Looks like a sea change is going on in Vancouver culturally and BC generally. Are we entering into a new era and a new economic paradigm? Is the media more complacent or are the issues less strident, is that the reason Hype is now unnecessary? What about the Olympics? What about homeless activists in concrete canyons filled with gold plated condo pads belonging to Chinese and Swedish millionaires? Was there nothing left to say, no dream left unfulfilled, no advertising copy left uncomposed? Why did it all boil down to this meek parting shot? Where did the fire and glamour of condohype all expire?

    Who knows, but like others, I’m going to miss visiting this site, even if the inspiration was lacking recently, the posts were still quite entertaining.

    Are you sure this wasn’t Rennie masquerading as the Hype? How did the Hype get a picture of that Bentley? I heard Renney has now sold his Bentley and is moving to Jordan River to become a surfer, while marketing Timberwest lands on the side. Was it too difficult to stay in touch with Vancouver’s urbane sophistication from JR, Hype?

    Whatever the truth of the story, good luck and hope to hear from you again somewhere, somehow.


  37. Van-zee Says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you that you put in your voice and tone will be missed, it was always a pleasure to read your writing.

  38. mino3 Says:

    Thanks for all the posts! Your cynical take on RE hype was right up my alley. You’re part of several blogs that kept me sane the past few years.

  39. mflat Says:

    Will miss this blog tremendously. I also learned a lot about marketing reading your critiques. Enjoy your free time!!!

  40. anon Says:

    Hmmm… I have a feeling there will be one last desperate orgy of hyperbole before the Olympics.

    Don’t throw away the key just yet…

  41. kansai_92 Says:

    Thanks for providing one of the few avenues of sanity in an insane market over the past years.
    All the best.

  42. Disbelief Says:

    From the lighter side of the RE crash…. we always had condohype to keep us groaning. Thanks and you will be missed

  43. julia Says:

    a sad day indeed.

  44. SurreyJoe Says:

    Always enjoyed the writing and the humour. One of my favourites – you will be missed. Best of luck. Hopefully you end up buying somewhere near the bottom if that is your goal.

  45. Canada's Poorest Postal Code Says:


    What made your blog so high-calibre is that you took on something that you know well (the sell-industry) and combined it with something you do well (super witty commentary). Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  46. davers Says:

    The hype isn’t over! Just because real estate is going down everywhere doesn’t mean it will happen in Vancouver! Vancouver is different! This is just a temporary correction before the olympics and prices will continue to surge!

    It is tough to kick an industry when it’s down, and it’s far less fun.

    All the best.

  47. GhostRider Says:

    Afterthought, CH… if anyone could do this well, YOU could!… so launch your pirated copy of PhotoShop one last time and whip us all up a quick CondoHype YVR commemorative poster (suitable for framing, of course)… I’d gladly pay 50CDN for a signed limited edition…

  48. ex-van Says:

    Hype-killer, thanks for all you’ve done. I’ve laughed my a$$ off at your graphics and your lovely turn of phrase.

    I sure can understand your sentiment, though. The Van RE scene is not particularly hilarious anymore … and will be less so, as time goes on – morphing into morbid curiosity for some.

    Thanks, again. Go forth and kick ass, young man.

  49. RobViccars Says:

    Never posted a comment before, I just enjoyed reading the blog. I know a lot of my fellow realtors also appreciated your dose of reality.

    Your wit, critical eye and unique take on the Vancouver real estate market will be missed. I’ll pour a 40 for my homie, condohype, somewhere near 1133 West Georgia at the big pit that would have been the Ritz-Carlton.

  50. Strataman Says:

    Thanks Condohype! I totally understand. Your satire was terrific and made me think how very mindless most (of us)are. I think most people have or are moving on, it is now rather boring so even though it will crash for a few years it’s no longer exciting to see a few late bloomers sucked in it’s kinda deja vue and not of much interest. Get out and have fun there is not much left to waste!

  51. Whisperer Says:

    Thank you for all your posts.

  52. RossK Says:

    Well, CH–

    Like HST always said…..

    “Only a fool writes for free.”

    Or was that Mr. T?


    Mighty smart of you to get out now before you start writing about something stupid like, say, political ads….


  53. Eleanor Says:

    Your blog will be missed. I have enjoyed it immensely.

  54. Eleanor Says:

    A fond farewell. I have enjoyed your commentary immensely

  55. M- Says:

    Thanks for all the posts! I’ve read every one of them! Good luck in your further pursuits.

  56. buff_butler Says:

    I found this site in 08 but have read every single post berfore then as well. I’ve learned so much from you. Take care of yourself! If I’m ever lucky enough to meet you drinks are on me!

  57. Cole Says:

    You’ll be missed. Thanks for the excellent commentary!

  58. Cole Says:

    You’ll be missed. Thanks for the excellent commentary!

  59. sousan Says:

    Has it been two years already? I’ve been with you since the beginning. I check in almost daily, and your posts are always so fresh, I never had the sense this blog was more than a few months old…

    Your blog has always been first class. I’ll miss your take on the absurdity of the local RE scene.

    Thank you and good luck!

  60. vomitingdog Says:

    This dog will miss watching you pee on all the poor copy. Go forth and stay out of agencies.

  61. Happy Renter in North Van Says:

    I echo what everyone else here says… great work.. you’ll be missed… blah, blah, blah…

    It’s hard to be edgy, sarcastic and critical when everything you’ve railed about is becoming true… Who knows? Maybe they’ll be a new bubble starting soon!

  62. 4tune8 Says:

    This makes me sad. Yours was the first blog I started reading when I moved to Vancouver two years ago to work for a condo developer.

    You made me laugh on the days when I wanted to scream. Reading your words brought much needed humor into my life. Everyone in our office read your blog too, admittedly or not.

    You will be missed. But hey, there are still lots of things in this city that are ridiculous, maybe you can write about something else… 😦

  63. other ted Says:

    Condohype sorry to see you go. I hardly posted here but always read. Maybe you can post but on a different topic. We need your humour in thses time.

  64. aetakeo Says:


    Thanks for the memories, CH; I hope some other topic catches your wit and you’ll be gracing the blogosphere with humour again.

  65. Steve Says:

    Like everyone else, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re closing shop. I’ve followed this blog from the start, and have often forwarded choice postings to friends. The condohype withdrawal will be painful, but I can see your rationale for wanting to stop.

    Would you consider reserving the option to post very occasionally, just in case, in the midst of a dead-cat bounce, the condo marketing industry creaks into life again and comes up with some real enormities? Vancouver Condo Info is our only remaining line of defense!

    Bye, and thanks.

  66. yes i read Says:

    this is a joke. gone are the days of staring out my window, tasting the recession, wondering if the hype will ever slam the black monolith that is the maynardsblock (all one word) banner. i have feared this day. thank you hype. kesler is the new linden.

  67. paulb Says:

    Dam it CH! I will miss visiting this site.

    I tottaly understand your decison and wish you all the best!!

    Now what? Hobbies? Family time? Obsessive online gambling?

  68. Colin Says:

    I was hoping your announcement was a day early….I’m sure there were are lots of people hoping the joke was on us.

    Even though it must have sucked up a lot of your time, thanks for writing such an entertaining blog. Enjoy getting on with the rest of your life.

  69. Bonnie Willimott Says:

    My day was brightened each time I saw a new post from Condohype in my feed.

    It’s sad but true, now that the Great Recession is here, that there isn’t much to be ironic about, at least as far as Vancouver real estate is concerned. But you are such a wonderful writer, even without the irony, that I hope you will find a new blog or other online forum.

    I will miss your stylish, entertaining voice, Condohype.

  70. HomesickButNotNuts Says:

    so long, and thanks for all the fish…

    I can understand why you want to bring CH to an end. The reality of the situation Vancouver property finds itself in is everything you predicted and more, so continuing would only lower yourself to the self-congratulatory smugness of those you parodied. No one looks good dancing on a grave.

    That said, I will continue to check your site in case you choose to bring your wit and intelligence to bear on another topic. Politics, Art, Technology…it’s a big world. I hope you find something you want to share in the future.

  71. mangoloid Says:

    April fools, right? Right?

  72. RossK Says:

    yes i read, upthread said….

    “kesler is the new linden….”

    Say what?

    Kesler has gone into the hype business too?


  73. Joshy Says:

    promise us that u’ll come back once the next cycle of hype returns! please!!

  74. Zip Says:

    Never posted a comment but I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. Thanks for expressing what a lot of us were thinking. Maybe one day you can publish a book on the golden years of condos in Vancouver! Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your posts. All the best to you!

  75. VancityAllie Says:

    Thanks for everything condohype! Very very sad to see you go. Thanks for the laughs.

    I hope you do end up coming back, in one way or another. What about starting up a different type of blog?

    Miss you. Lots!


  76. dingus Says:

    Thanks, man. You were the antidote to the absurdity. Now I think everyone snickers at condo ads anwyway, which takes the edge off the site. The fish in the barrel are all but shot.

    And while we’re waxing metaphoric, to me, Vancouver is like that Jenny girl in Forrest Gump. A nice kid that gets a taste of the high life, gets wild and out of control, running with a crowd that is simply out of her league, and crashes back to earth and back into the arms of the steadfast but simple man that loves her. Of course that means we’re the sainted idiot Forrest in this metaphor, so maybe forget that.

    But you offered a tremendous public service when it was needed most. Hat’s off.

  77. maw Says:

    i will miss this blog. whenever i felt bad because i couldn’t afford real estate in vancouver, i would read this blog for a good dose of reality.

  78. Jon Says:

    Thanks for all the laughs.

  79. skif Says:

    This was/is my favorite real estate blog by far. I would always get excited when I saw a new post come up, and I hope in the future that every once in awhile when you get the urge and inspiration maybe you’ll pop something up for us all to enjoy. Weeks, months or years apart, it’ll always be welcome. With that hope, I will forever keep you on my RSS feed.

    Thanks for the great wit and insight, Condohype.

  80. Bane Says:

    Oh for the days of ads for “futuristic” homes again (Ultralina Jolie) when the material just wrote itself…

    This was the funniest blog I’ve ever read. Thanks.

  81. cashisking Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work …

  82. Can'tbelieveit Says:

    What?!? NOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….

    Come ON CH… ride the wave like the rest of the industry. Don’t let the recession get the better of you. Haven’t you read the first page of the paper today?!? Real Estate is supposed to be bouncing back… (or at least there has been an increase in sales and pricing) which means more “creative” advertising from your infamous real estate marketing companies. More to write about, more to see. (I know, I know, never trust ANYTHING the Vancouver Sun Real Estate writers have to say…)
    Your posts will be dearly missed by those of us in the industry, when a day without HYPE really is a sad day – you have kept us sane through the real estate times of the last two years. You were an icon of hope and a voice of truth. You were one of the FEW who really told us how it was, a source of sanity in our developer days.

    Please don’t leave us in our time of need. But if you must, let us know where you are going so that we may follow your blogs – and fingers crossed you will be back some day.

  83. Tang Says:

    I am guessing you either lost your job or have a new girlfirend. Love or money will always motivate change.

  84. D Says:

    Hmm…then could you please start a blog where you talk about something different? Your real estate commentary is great, but what about your human nature insights and dry wit and stuff? Must it all go?

  85. Owen Says:

    Yet another anonymous reader saying goodbye. Quality writing, quality analysis, quality humour. Blogs like this make my day more entertaining, more informative, and maybe even more financially responsible. Good luck in the future.

  86. a reader Says:


    : (

  87. Libresprit Says:

    CH – I don’t even live in Vancouver, but will also miss your biting social commentary.

    Thank you for your insights over the past two years.

    All the best.

  88. Tony Danza Says:

    Thanks Condohype for making the past year of insanity bearable with your humour.

  89. Patiently Waiting Says:

    Thanks, Condohype. Hopefully, we’ll still hear from you on the other real estate blogs.

  90. Nascent Bomb Says:

    Awwww, nuts!

  91. dbg Says:

    all the best……..

  92. Proponent Says:

    I hope Mangoloid is right and this is all April Fools silliness. If not, all the best. I will miss arguing with people in the comments.
    Hopefully we will be able to continue catching the odd quip on Twitter!?

  93. Raul Says:

    Yes, please. Don’t close the blog. Or at least continue on Twitter!

  94. Wonder Says:

    Do you honestly think that the Vancouver real estate market dropping is something that is at all related to Vancouver real estate?

    It is the economy – look around it’s not that people in Vancouver realize the “Hype” people are losing their jobs, their homes, people are faced with tough times. Im glad to read that you are happy that people are losing money, I guess if we were all renting out “our parents” basement it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    Good luck with your next post, you have been a real bright light!

  95. Noz Says:

    While I’m sure my post here will not be popular after nothing but praise is being given out, but it’s a cop-out for you to quit.

    There’s so much more that can be done….and so many people who can continue to take your advice and future suggestions. Why don’t you simply re-invent yourself and begin addressing other issues, inside activities, etc? Things have slowed down…sure…but there still life ahead and things move on and continue.

    Unless you are sick of what to do and have personal obligations (which I fully understand and appreciate), stopping because things turned out the way you predicted is a bit premature.

  96. other ted Says:

    Noz since you hate cop outs, why post and be critical don’t be a cop out create your own blog. Tells us about it and then we will know not to read it.

    Wonder why are you here to complain you lost money. Sorry I can’t cry I am all out of cleanex.

  97. Noz Says:

    other ted…

    I figured as much someone would come running to the defense.

    Actually I didn’t lose money. I never invested in it that crap to begin with…did you? You can cry for me if you like…just not for losing money:)

    And you missed my point completely. If you stop for a moment and stop stroking Condohype’s ego, you’ll understand that I’m trying say that what Condohype has here is VALUABLE….and it should continue if Condohype is able and still interested.

    I get the feeling that Condohype is just tired of blogging and the material he/she is basing the blog on is drying out…hence the RE-INVENT or RE-DIRECT comment.

    If I had the intimate knowledge of happenings in Vancouver regarding the condo-stuff like Condohype does, believe me, I’d not be asking YOU if I should start a blog or not.

  98. Adrian Says:

    One of the more interesting blog now gone. Where will Vancouverites vent their impotent rage now?

    But Vancouver real estate was only a reflection of an overinflated economy, and not something removed from it.

    The insight you were granting was of the economy and the attitude prevalent at the time.

    And really, Toronto is not that bad. Give it a try sometime.

  99. Happy Investor Says:

    I quite enjoyed your comical blog! It will certainly be sad that you wont be able to continue your bias towards the “concept of renting”.

    Regardless, in this crazy business called real estate, there’s always a need for supply and demand. In real estate, there is no me (investor), without you (renter). So, please continue to pay my mortgage for me. In your eyes and mine, its a win-win situation for both of us, right?

    Take care!

    Happy Investor

  100. Noz Says:

    Happy Investor:

    Yes of course..we all forgot…RE can only go up. I’m sure you’re hoping for that now aren’t you.

    Who knows…perhaps I’ll throw you a dime while you’re asleep in your cardboard mansion once this market is done with you.

    Good luck!

    Happy Renter.

  101. Real Estate Complaints Says:

    we’ll miss you condohype

  102. Craig Patterson Says:

    Oh no! I’ve loved reading your blog! I’m sad that you won’t be posting any more. At the same time, I understand why. If things change, in the future, start er up again! You’re a funny guy 🙂



  103. rentah Says:

    You were one of the cornerstones of sane coverage of the Vancouver RE bubble.
    Many thanks for that, and for all the laughs.
    All the very best with all your future endeavours.

  104. The Pope Says:

    I’m holding out for the bubble blog bail-out money.

    You should too.

  105. Atom Says:

    Alas, we barely knew you.

    Farewell, sweet CH… and LONG LIVE THE ARCHIVES!

  106. VancityAllie Says:

    I miss you. When are you back?

  107. Nelson Says:

    Condo prices haven’t gone down much at all…. perhaps only 5 to 10% (after over doubling the past 6 years).

    Not necessarily a bubble bursting, is it?

  108. Phil Says:

    Looks like the BOOM IS BACK! Time to fire up this blog like the Royal Hudson and get the bears back on track.

  109. Condo Come Home Says:

    maybe you should come back.

    things are going crazy again. if you believe the hype, the recession is over, housing prices are on the rise, bidding wars are back, and more condos are coming soon. need some of your lovin’.

    think about it.

  110. Spring Bounce Says:

    Well those price declines have now all but been eroded with the Spring/Summer rally. I guess were are right back to where we started…

  111. davers Says:

    I would like to point out that since this post the Vancouver RE market has improved quite signifigantly. Is it possible you have more influence over the market than you previously thought? We need you back so I can afford a damn condo before I turn 40!

  112. sequal time Says:

    i think you need to come back, the foreclosed sign was too premature

    the market is crazy again

  113. mike Says:

    it’s back. when will you be ??

  114. Yaletown Says:

    Hey, come on! The market is picking up again. Don’t give in too quickly.

  115. GJW Says:

    I will add my request to a re-appearance. Nothing has changed, there is still a great need for “ironic deconstruction is at its most devastating and most funny”.
    Your quote “The changing conditions of the market make my brand of comedy less funny.”, may have been true for a week, maybe, but not now. We need to have the return of condo irony, what is the West Coast but the Canadian capital of irony, sans Alanis of course.

  116. Rob Says:

    A 625sq ft 1 bedroom west end apartment listed for $350,000 went for $420,000. It’s baaack.

    Low rates are sucking people into bidding wars.

    Welcome to Vancouver: Buy now, think later.

  117. Produce The Note Says:

    Haha, sans Alanis.

    Awesome photo. I just came across this blog randomly and I really liked this post.

    Real estate in Vancouver is insane, I don’t see how anyone could afford to live there if they make less than 200K+ per year.

  118. liebackandthinkofengland Says:

    Please oh please don’t let the marketing of a condo named “The Mark” to slip by without your comment.

    I almost think that it was intended as a direct challenge to you.

  119. David Martin Says:

    Sorry to see you go…I am late to the party but appreciate the work!! Good luck!

  120. RossK Says:

    The Circus is over…..

    Let the RealHype begin!

    (in otherwords, we need you back CH, now more than ever)


  121. tincup Says:

    Oh man, this would be perfect fodder.

  122. vreaa Says:

    Please, please, PLEASE consider coming out of retirement to comment on this article that is BEGGING for your insight. Please…

    Social strata on display at luxury Shangri-La
    Globe and Mail
    Thursday, Mar. 25, 2010

  123. Knowlton Thomas Says:

    Come back!

  124. paulb Says:

    You should comr back. We will save you a front row seat.

  125. mls Says:

    The Vancouver markets are back on form again, you should start blogging again, it’s a shame to retire when theres tonnes of stuff to blog about.

  126. Jay Banks Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog back in the days. I think there is still a lot of interesting real estate issues you can write about.

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