Pulse, now with shirt

Pulse in Kitsilano

The Topless Babe in Shades is back only this time she has a shirt and free time to stroll the seawall. Who knows what she’s thinking about but something tells me she’s intellectual. After that whole watermelon thing, it’s hard to believe she isn’t packing some brainpower. Face it, no one acts out a gourd fetish on a whim — it’s the kind of thing you do only after you’ve thought long and hard about what you really want.

Not that I’m into her or anything. What’s compelling about a single, financially secure twenty-something in Kitsilano? Sure, she owns her own place, has a healthy sexuality and enjoys long walks on the beach.

No, I don’t want to ask her out. Not at all. No.

Leave me alone.

20 Responses to “Pulse, now with shirt”

  1. jesse Says:

    I had to do a double take on the catch line. I thought it said something else. I guess that was the point.

  2. duran Says:

    Wow, block from beaches eh? How about 11 blocks… the whole downtown eastside is closer to a beach than this place is.

  3. s.p. Says:

    i am imagining the woman in the poster thinking “sweet jesus, i cant believe i spent so much on my condo.”

  4. Mike Says:

    I think she just realized that Main Street is the cool place to be these days.

  5. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    Is this “the last chance at Kits Living” because of price or that you won’t get a date with the model or both? .>)

  6. Disbelief Says:

    The last desperate buyers that are taking a big bite… A little more than can be chewed… 40 year mortgage zero down and low interest rates made it all possible that
    and a creative mortgage broker… You can thank all responsible when you lose it all and only have the beach, curl up behind a nice log at least there will be lots of company.

  7. MJ Says:

    11 blocks to beach? Closer to 20 blocks – a nice smog-filled stroll in heavy traffic. Begs the question…why is that women pictured standing on the beach? Do the Pulse units come with their own teleportation device?

    If that’s the case, I’d rather magically transport to a beach around, say, Playa del Carmen vs Kitsilano.

  8. 604grant Says:

    Why do people here piss & moan so much about real estate prices? I don’t get it. Cities like SF, NY, Miami and LA are way more expensive with similar amenities. Even Seattle is in the same ballpark, and Portland is catching up. And this is even in the wake of all the US mortgage issues. In fact you can even argue that in a lot of ways they’re less desirable cities than Van. I agree that real estate marketing in this town sucks ass, but someone needs to explain to me why so many people feel entitled to pay less for the privilege of owning in a city that, while by no means perfect, has so much going for it.

  9. mathamatical Says:

    I would be honest, if the girl was naked on this ad I would be willing to buy.

  10. MJ Says:


    You need to get outa town more often. Or at least once.

  11. MJ Says:


    You’re a real credit to your gender.

  12. 604grant Says:


    Thank you for the constructive comment. Where would you recommend I go?

  13. 604grant Says:

    P.S. MJ…

    I have lived in NYC, Miami, SF and Seattle. I should have mentioned that. My apologies.

  14. Van-zee Says:

    If you want an explanation of why people expect to pay less to purchase in Vancouver it’s because local rents and wages do not support todays prices.

  15. MJ Says:

    Grant, your’re right. Vancouver, although not perfect, is The Best Place on Earth. My programming was breaking down a bit. I’ve just had it tweaked and am back on message now. Thanks.

  16. pricewise Says:

    grant, nyc is 20 million people, miami and seattle are both less than half the price of van. can’t you see the poor woman pulling her hair out at the realization she’ll be paying until retirement?

  17. dingus Says:

    Where is this thing, anyway, is it at all near the presentation centre at 10th and Arbutus? And the chick in the ad is standing on the shore at Kits point. What is that, a 45 minute walk? More?

    The difference between NY, Miami, Seattle and LA and Vancouver? They have local industries beyond real estate and construction. And they are tanking.

    Vancouver is nice, I do like it here, but real estate is for suckers right now.

  18. Disbelief Says:

    If young people can hang on … Prices will go up again. When interest rates rise and your paycheck doesn’t thats when you have problems. Real estate is a great investment. You have to buy right and right now it’s out of whack and
    destined to come down.

  19. Dave Says:

    If I owned real estate in Vancouver right now, I’d be selling it and buying in L.A., not Kitsilano. That way when the US market inevitably rebounds, you can unload your investment and buy something here when prices are more reasonable. Why aren’t more people doing this? Why would anyone buy in BC right now? Renting is the way to go!

  20. Kitsilano land claim Says:

    I’m sorry, condohype. The woman in this ad isn’t available to you. After dropping out of UBC buisness, BCIT Broadcast, and a short stint in the nursing program at VCC (all on daddy’s dime,) she had a mid-20s crisis and travelled Australia.

    There, she discovered what so many hip, 20-something women in this city depend on: gentlemen.

    Older, generous gentlemen. The kind with plenty of cash and nowhere to spend it, except on tasty young treats like her. It’s all above board. It hasn’t even occured to her that this is really well-paid prostitution (and about as secure…) She’s his “girlfriend,” and gets to enjoy the Kitsilano lifestyle as long as she’s his.

    Like Pulse, condohype, the girl can be yours for the right price.

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