The chickens are coming home to Zoost


For all my complaints about the Sun, I love that they have a place for David Baines. Baines is a relentless pitbull of a reporter. If you’re in business and have a troubled past, watch out: Baines is out for blood.

In his column in the weekend edition, Baines takes the meat grinder to Robert Zoost, an Okanagan realtor with a superstar media image for his “ability” to sell multi-million dollar luxury properties to his “A-list” celebrity clients. Not wanting to trust the hype, Baines does his own research. Turns out Kelowna’s boy wonder is also a real estate enfant terrible. As Baines details in his hugely entertaining expose:

Real estate regulators have found [Zoost] guilty of professional misconduct on at least two occasions. Creditors have been hounding him to pay long-overdue debts. He is facing assault charges in connection with two separate incidents. And since he moved to Kelowna nine months ago, he has completed the sale of only one property over $1 million, raising the question as to whether he can reasonably be called “the million-dollar man.”

What you just read was Baines being nice. His article proceeds to tear Zoost a second anus with allegations of balances owing to the Nanaimo Stop & Shop (a preferred destination of high rollers, no doubt) and an ex-lover who accuses her former beau of skipping out on cellphone bills.

Baines also chastises for the Z-Man for his shameless self-promotion, citing an unidentified media report about Zoost zipping around town in a pimped out Mercedes. Never mind the car was his girlfriend’s. Ouch.

But for all this comedy, the thing that does it for me is Zoost’s penchant for his own publicity. Just go to his website. From the “Z” crest emblem to the Flash animation commemorating his hubris, it’s absolutely, sensationally hilarious.

Forget Bob Rennie. Gimme Bob Zoost.

16 Responses to “The chickens are coming home to Zoost”

  1. condohype Says:

    Update: Following publication of the Baines article and further coverage in this blog and other media, Robert Zoost was fired from his job at Premier Canadian Properties. His personal website has also been taken down.

  2. Really? Says:

    Christie’s has an exclusive Kelowna real estate associate? Really?

  3. jesse Says:

    Say what you want about the Sun, but they still have some decent muckraking. I think it’s worth giving some credit. I only wish some of the other reporters would step up.

  4. RJB Says:

    I guess he doesn’t buy ad space in the Sun.

  5. HHV Says:

    The first rule of thumb if your are goign to fake a newspaper story is to find a writer who understands basic grammar, word usage and spelling. This guy’s website is full of terrible writing. I’d imagine his marketing is meant to be targeting some fairly well educated people. Don’t you think they can see right through this guy’s BS? Too bad his sellers using him as their agent can’t. Good on you Baines.

  6. Dave Says:

    He used to work in Qualicum Beach and central Vancouver Island. I always thought he was full of BS…Wonder why he felt the need to move to Kelowna.

  7. Ulsterman Says:

    OK, i will concede that Robert is fantastically more financially successful than i am, but please, learn about apostophes etc. Reading his blurb is embarrassing to say the least. One must this, one must that. Is one dining with the Queen, Robert?

    I do also love the touch when he writes “Marketing Properties from $1,000,000.00 – $50,000,000.00”, cos it’s important to have those decimal places when dealing with sums up to $50m. Maybe he thinks it makes the number look bigger and more impressive.

    I suppose when the market cools Robert can go back to wearing his super-hero suit with the big “Z” on the front.

  8. rala2 Says:

    Another impostor who in a short amount of time will disappear like a soap bubble. Every speculative boom in history has seen his type appear, rock the world for a while, and vanish. Pierre Berton’s book, “The Promised Land”, discusses the rampant land speculation that occurred in Winnipeg during the early 1900’s as the CPR moved West. Penniless speculators arrived, borrowed, flipped property, acquired fine apparel, carriages with liveried footmen, and fine homes (all on credit, unbeknownst to awestruck and obsequious local newspapermen), and ultimately ended up penniless again when the boom went bust. Well worth reading, as there are SO many parallels with our present BC experience.

  9. Tony Danza Says:

    cos it’s important to have those decimal places when dealing with sums up to $50m

    What if I want to sell my $50,000,000.99 house? Good to know that Mr. Zoost is not up to the task.

  10. ThePope Says:

    Hah! Great find condohype – and it seems Bains won’t leave the poor fella alone. There’s a follow up in today’s Sun:

    He’s had some interesting feedback from Vancouver Island realtors, maybe not what you’d expect.

  11. greg Says:

    Where was the Sun with this expose 2-3 years ago? The fact that the Sun is willing to expose the sordid business practices of a puffed up realtor now would seem to be further evidence that the times they are a changin’….

    Get ready for more of the same as the BC real estate barge starts to sink…

  12. 2nd grade english teacher Says:


    You’ve done it again… “tear him a second anus” i almost pee’d myself laughing.

    You get an A+.


  13. tsusiat Says:

    Zoost’s website is down – “New website coming soon!”

  14. Islander Says:

    This might be a good opportunity to distinguish honest realtors, like the anonymous emailer quoted in the story, and Zoost-bag. And why consumers are harmed by the cartel, aka organized real estate, aka your local real estate board and, Yes, government regulation lovers, the real estate council of BC.
    RECBC and local board rules prevent us from raising a peep about our degenerate brethren. If we were allowed to speak the truth, Zoo-boy would be outed very, very quickly. Consumers would be spared and there’d be more work for the rest of us.
    The majority of realtors I’ve worked with on transactions are honest and ethical. But our cartel fears competition and bad PR more than it cares about consumers. So jagovs are protected and we are all tarred.

  15. White Smooth Says:

    Zoost is the epitome of whats wrong with today’s realtor; sliding into a hot market, growing two days worth of stubble, buying a $2000 dollar suit, leasing the most expensive car he can talk his way into and pretending he understands the fundamentals of the business. These guys basically take a three month course that’s about as diffcult as grade eleven math and then price fix at an absurd commission rate. They tell their clients anything to get a listing and then blame “the market” when they can’t deliver the sale at the inflated price. They try and pretend they are marketing “professionals”? Who are they trying to kid? Putting a picture of yourself on a bus shelter that says “I WILL sell your house” (or some other ridiculous statement) is not marketing, it’s really really sad and so so tired. The realtor will eventually go the way of the travel agent, a job that anyone can do with an internet connection and a lawyer.

  16. Ron Says:

    Some people just never learn from their mistakes

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