Kitsilano melon-choly

Pulse in Kits

I first wrote about Pulse back in May and I’ve long wondered what happened to the Kitsilano’s famous Topless Babe in Shades. Turns out T.B.I.S. owns evening wear, as shown here in this deliciously entertaining follow-up ad. Not sure what happened to the shades or why she’s hovering over the tub with a watermelon, but I’d guess it has something to do with “a different kind of urban living in the heart of Kitsilano.” Who would’ve thought a gourd could be a symbol of defiance?

In case you missed your chance to browse the display suite, the presentation centre has moved to a new location. Intrigued yet? Yeah, me neither.

Somebody get me a cantaloupe.

12 Responses to “Kitsilano melon-choly”

  1. solipsist Says:

    She looks so angry. You damned fool! You talked me into buying this place with my inheritance, and now we can only afford to eat watermelon. And my radiation burns are killing me!

    Remember that crazy Stop the Madness woman? Somebody…please…

    Brought to you by the Bastion of Bovine Beatitude. Don’t look back.

  2. aetakeo Says:

    I think they messed up with the colour levels and correction. Her feet are corpse-like.

  3. Implode Already Says:

    Is she washing the watermelon? She looks like she is holding a bar of soap, and the melon has a rolled up towel.

    Maybe the tub is just a place to spit the seeds?

    Maybe the condo doesn’t have a kitchen, so she is preparing food in the bath tub?

    “Kitchen like bathrooms?”

    Is she wearing a garbage bag?

  4. mishmash Says:

    I actually like the look of this campaign, all things considered. Nice typography, better-than-average photography with a distinct look, etc. Looks as though the model is about to use the sink for the wrong purpose, but that’s just me being cheeky. That would be an intriguing angle. ‘Sh*t in your sink! PULSE!’

  5. JSt Says:

    I thought she was doodling some vector based art on the bathroom wall.
    You know the whole artist live/work thing put into play.

  6. Panda Says:

    What this type of ad, with a pretty girl, is trying to get people to think, “I wish I were her, and could eat that melon, in that nice bathroom with the heated tiles. Maybe I can buy that place and live such a good lifestyle with melons and heated tiles.” When will someone write an ad that appeals to ME?!?!? Here’s what I want to see: “the interest payments for this property are cheaper than what it costs to rent an equivalent property”. Can they say something meaningful like that?

    BTW, thanks for your work on this site. I love it!

  7. Hypester Says:

    Hey, My name is Gord and I’ve always been defiant.

  8. Greg Says:

    Judging by the pose, isn’t the bathtub uncomfortably close to the sink?

  9. CondoVan Says:

    The marketing for this building is just f’in stupid. Like seriously, what the hell is with the watermelon? I live around the block from the site…all the hobos are taking shelter under the scaffolding. The marketing center on Arbutus seems pretty quiet.

  10. K4T3R1N4 Says:

    I’m a stock photographer and seeing photos like these drive me crazy. Not sure what these suites cost, but I’m sure they have a pretty hefty marketing budget. Spend a few bucks and get an image with some relevance!

    Oh wait is she making watermelon glycerin soap in her bathtub? Maybe she needs the side business to pay the mortgage. That totally makes sense now, I take back what I said about relevance.

    Pulse. Kits. Life. Culture. Style. mmm Watermelon.

  11. Yatters Says:

    I see a non durable product. The part that get’s my Pulse going is the proximity of a steamy hot bath touching fine cabinetry composed of veneer and mdf. This means a complete cabinet reno in less than six months. Perhaps a lemon would have been a better choice. At least we would be sure we were being squeezed. 🙂

  12. Max out your credit « condohype Says:

    […] Kitsilano’s Lady Pulse wasn’t your kind of condo hottie — I admit, her watermelon fetish kinda creeped me out — perhaps you’d fancy a date with her more suburban strata sister? […]

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