This one blows

Live at Fuse

If you’ve browsed any of the local real estate blogs, chances are you’ve come across “tick tock, tick tock” at the close of somebody’s post. For some, the phrase is a shorthand for the impending market implosion forever looming over the Vancouver housing market. For the tick-tockers, the boom can only end in bust.

Not everyone sees it that way. Enter Surrey’s Fifth Avenue Marketing. They’ve taken the tick-tock through the think-tank to give birth to a radical new brand in condo marketing: a Surrey condo named Fuse.

Yes. Fuse. As in “a cord of readily combustible material that is lighted at one end to carry a flame along its length to detonate an explosive at the other end.”

Could there be a more perfect metaphor for today’s real estate market? What else can I say?

Tick tock, tick tock.

5 Responses to “This one blows”

  1. rala2 Says:

    What’s with the chick with the huge dark bags under her eyes? I guess she must be exhausted from working the three jobs needed to make those monster monthly payments on her zero down, 40 year am mortgage. Fresh and trendy…yah…

  2. Real Estute Says:

    Which part of Surrey is considered trendy??

  3. Theorem Says:

    seems like few are posting comments these days….. thought i would add a remark. keep up the great posts, i enjoy them everytime. done.

  4. condohype Says:

    Thanks Theorem. The summer heat seems to be cooling the interest. This is Vancouver; laziness is always a factor. Mind you, same goes for Toronto folks, but they’re better at keeping up the charade.

    I’ll be back with a new post on Wednesday.

  5. K4T3R1N4 Says:

    I was just thinking the other day how brutal this ad is! I love the hair across the face and bags under the eyes… It’s Whalley Chic

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