The address you always wanted

Lakeshore Three, Penticton

Forget Robson Street. Forget Main Street. Forget West 1st. For maximum address envy, choose Lakeshore Drive in Penticton. Yes, Penticton.

Introducing Lakeshore Three:

This is where summer happens — at Penticton’s waterfront — steps from the best beaches, dining and shopping in town. And Lakeshore Three is at the heart of it all.

With resort-style amenities including a pool and personal wine cellar, homes at Lakeshore Three range from the high $300’s to over $1 million. But they won’t last much longer.

Folks, this is advertised in the Vancouver Sun. Miss the Penticton mention and you’d confuse it for Coal Harbour. In a world of condo hype, generic is the new specific.

10 Responses to “The address you always wanted”

  1. Skye Says:

    Are they implying Cherry Lane Mall is Penticton’s finest shopping destination? That’s kind of depressing.

    Well at least you’ll have a ringside view when the drunken rednecks roll The Peach into the lake.

    (Yeah, I spent some time in Penticton….)

  2. solipsist Says:

    “But they won’t last much longer.”

    Because forest fire season is upon us.

    Did you hear about the 4 $million + places that mysteriously burned down in Whistler? Hot property everywhere.

  3. Piechnik Says:

    Forgive me if I am crazy here, but wouldn’t the “Okanagan” thing kind of tip people off to the fact that this condo isn’t in the lower mainland? Why would you compare it to Robson and Main when it says quite clearly that it is in the Okanagan? I suppose you WOULD miss the Penticton mention if you didn’t read any text and all and didn’t bother with the map. I’ll admit the ad sucks though. It really does.

  4. rosedoggy Says:

    Just curious, to the founder of this page, why do you hate condo developments so much?

  5. condohype Says:

    This is an entertainment site about condo marketing.

  6. George Says:

    What a wonderful development. The best address and location at a great price. Just a small town growing up. I am sure there will be many people kicking themselves for not buying. Three years from now Pentiction will be the place to live in the valley. Small but with great shopping, performing arts and wonderful people. Water for boats and beaches, mountains for sking, rock bluffs for climbing. Need I mention the great summer sunshine.

  7. Karl Hungus Says:

    Pentiction sounds like something that happens when you don’t use enough lubricant.

  8. 3min Says:

    Don’t come to Penticton , we don’t want u here , baby boomers are ruining this place.

  9. Trapped in pee-town Says:

    I moved to Penticton from Vancouver looking for the ‘Okanagan Lifestyle’ – and soon discovered that the ‘Okanagan Lifestyle’ consists to watching television and bitching about everything.

    I’ve often wondered why people think that living in this place is worthwhile – Is it the wage-slave jobs? The lousy overpriced housing options? The rampant racism? The ‘estate wineries’ which are usually a trailer at the end of a field of vines? The lack of services?

    Penticton is a terrible place to live. Visit? Sure. Live? I certainly wish I didn’t.

    I really hope that this add doesn’t sucker anyone in…

  10. Steve morisette Says:

    Ya, those people in the Okanagan that bitch about everything, where do they get off?

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