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March 31, 2009

Photo by Tannoy

I spent last night reading over all the posts I’ve written.  The earliest days of the blog — specifically those leading up to the market peak in Spring 2008 — are undoubtedly the best.  It’s in this period where the writing’s ironic deconstruction is at its most devastating and most funny.

Part of me longs for the days of bidding wars and double-digit appreciation. In those insane times Vancouver hit the apex of its narcissism.  In our self-love, we found meaning in a condo-cultural existence.  Sophisticated.  Discerning.  Urbane. Marketers called it “the lifestyle.”  Vancouver, the city of dreams — yours to own — starting at $800 a square foot.

After more than 24 months, 200 posts and millions in disappeared market value, Condohype is in foreclosure.  This is my last post.  Falling prices and a contracting economy have humbled the Vancouver real estate fantasia.  The changing conditions of the market make my brand of comedy less funny.  Irony is my weapon of choice and there’s no irony in watching an inflated economy collapse.  It is the natural course.

History will be mostly unkind when it looks back on the boom years.  So much of a culture is summed by the advertising of the day.  When researchers look back at the condo ads, what will they make of Vancouver circa 2002-2008?  Probably a lot like what we make of consumer marketing of the 1950s:  Silly, offensive and alien to modern values.  Father knows best?  Own the lifestyle?

Despite all that’s happened, I still love Vancouver.  It’s a strange love but love nonetheless.  It’s like that crush you had in high school — the one that rejected you and you’re madly in love with regardless.  Over the years, you may have become bitter, at times even angry, but you never give up that some day the dream will come to be. (Those who give up move to Toronto.)

So, I guess this is the part where we say goodbye.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll put an end to the rumour about my identity.  For the record, I am not Bob Rennie.

Thank you so much for reading.  I hope you’ve had a fun time.  The comments are open for final thoughts.

Photo credit: Tannoy