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To sea or not to sea

July 18, 2007

O2 Condo | Vancouver

Remember that scene in Al Gore’s PowerPoint movie where he shows all sorts of coastal areas getting flooded by the rising sea-levels of a warming planet Earth? The team at Platinum probably did. How else to describe the inspiration for the water-world environment portrayed in their ad for O2?

The inconvenient truth that is O2 is a condo anchored at Davie and Denman in Vancouver’s downtown west end. Despite the water-logged ad design, O2 is actually a few blocks away from the ocean. It’s close, sure, but it’s by no means on the waterfront. Well, maybe the architect plans to install a moat but I wouldn’t bet on it.

What I would bet on is “sea & be seen” as contender for the most foul condo tagline of the year. As if the narcissistic angle wasn’t enough, the marketer also throws in a bad pun. Is the thinking here that a double-negative makes a positive? (Such a question assumes condo marketing involves thinking. Sorry, my bad.)

Well, let us “sea” what the website has to offer. Here’s some “info” on the uniqueness of O2’s interior design:

The impeccable design of the open concept plans and the inspired brilliance of the decor capture the essence of both time and place….Discover an ambiance of airy transparency captured with fresh ideas and imaginative finishes. All is innovative, sophisticated, and stylish.

Save me before I drown in this pool of superlative fluff.