REBGV cancels trade show website

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver has taken my advice and pulled the plug on its trade show website. It’s now no longer possible to become a sponsor of an event that isn’t going to happen.

The image above is an artistic rendering of a Board official building up the courage to hit delete.

In other news, it’s cold outside. When I complained about this to my condo-marketer friend, he asked me not to talk about it. He said “negative speculation” will only make things worse. Bob and I soon parted ways.

Yes, I recognize that’s a soft joke. Keep in mind I spent the better part of an hour getting Lionel Hutz and the REBGV plaque into the picture. That’s all for today.

23 Responses to “REBGV cancels trade show website”

  1. skif Says:

    Of all the real estate blogs I subscribe to, I am most excited when I see new postings here. Lionel Hutz is perfect.
    I love this blog!

  2. Ted Says:

    Nice work except you need to do the reflection of Lionel on the table…

  3. Don Lapre Says:

    Remember, Lionel Hutz did a stint at “Red Blazer Realty” and offered some valuable insight to his newest Realtor Marge:

    -“The right house is the house that’s for sale. The right person is anyone.”

  4. condohype Says:

    Ted, look again.

  5. andrew Says:

    Lionel Hutz is the greatest Simpons character ever created.
    “We didn’t win your case so here’s your free pizza”
    -“But we won!”
    “Well, the box is empty.”

  6. mk-kids Says:

    Whaddya talkin’ aboot? This is a great post condohype! Just the laugh I needed to start my day today!

    Do let us know if GVREB comes banging down your cyberspace door with demands about plaque-infringement though…

  7. mflat Says:

    Brilliant, and great work on the table reflection CH!!!

  8. dingus Says:

    ‘We’ll have a soft landing. Well, by “soft”, I mean “disastrous”. And by “landing”, I mean “crash”.’

  9. VancityAllie Says:

    Haha good job! I bet more real estate developers and city councils read this blog more than you know..

    But good job on getting them to do that.

    And nice work on the photo… very fitting 😉

  10. anon Says:

    Oh darn, and I had a nice nasty comment about how neither vampires NOR realtors can see their reflections in mirrors, desks, or any other shiny objects all ready to go…

  11. Proponent Says:

    That is all.

  12. blueskies Says:

    good graphic!
    the framed logo is a surreal touch….

  13. Kevin F Says:

    Nice one, I do check this site ofter and get exactly what I want to see.

  14. Tigger Says:

    Does Lionel Hutz summer in West Van or Vancouver West?

  15. i.m. impressed Says:

    Hello my Favorite Blog,
    Condohype has been my #1 blog for a long time
    Would you be interested in doing some freelance design work for a small company? (you know, a company that could really use your artistic instinct)
    If so, please contact me via email.
    Not? Delete. Delete. Hey, you have a great taste and a sharp tongue; I hope you keep this up. Can’t imagine having coffee without looking at your latest entry…

  16. Happy Renter in North Van Says:

    You had friends who were “condo-marketers”? EEUWWW!

    I’d rather just tell people I hung around with necrophiliacs…

  17. Happy Renter in North Van Says:

    Let us know if REBGV sends you a letter from their solicitors claiming you violated their intellectual property with your photoshop composition…

  18. anon Says:

    Not REBVG, but more likely a nasty e-mail from Matt Groening’s lawyers… I had a friend who used to work for him…

  19. Larry Yatkowsky Says:


    The Pope forgot his glasses :>)

    missed you at the 604 party. should have joined and other 2nd place winners having 1st place drinks.

    here’s some coal for a bear’s Xmas stocking – It’s not a pretty horizon.

    Scotia Forecast report –

  20. alexcanuck Says:

    I tried really hard to find a clip of Mr Burns legal team to threaten you with for copyright infringement… no luck. Love the post!
    Most of the condo ads you skewer so well just need your commentary, no need for retouching to make them ridiculous. Nice photoshop work

  21. islander Says:

    “Maaaarge, there’s the truth. And then there’s the truth!”

  22. chico Says:


    You’ve probably noticed, but your blog and this entry got mentioned in the Globe and Mail today- “The upside to the bubble bursting: Sanity returns”

    And to think, you’re accused of not being dignified!

    Consider the high bar set by the condo marketers and that’s your goal.


  23. condohype Says:

    Timothy Taylor wrote a very lovely piece. I take no offense because he’s on the money. My writing on this blog is deliberately obnoxious. To the people who know me in real life, it’s pretty funny because I’m a friendly, never- says- bad- things- about- anybody type of guy. At school and work, I do really well in group projects.

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