As heard at the Opus public hearings

This Opus Hotel rooftop thing is something else. I hope it doesn’t make me a bad person that I’m amused by condo-dweller rage.

Some people are talking about Yaletown turning into Whalley. About never sleeping again. About gang violence. About linen trucks picking up linen.

Consider these comments made by residents at the hearings:

Some people who have been given the opportunity to speak should not have been given the opportunity. One young man who spoke is from Kitsilano and has no stake in the neighbourhood. He should have not been allowed to speak.

This is about an 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. party outside your window. If you have children, you know how hard it is to get them to bed. How can you get them to bed when there’s noise? The future of the neighbourhood is under siege.

Noise is an issue. It’s intensely loud at night. I sometimes have to close my windows. I have a responsible job and need to get good sleep. Blaring music, people running up and down the lanes, kicking things, vomiting — it all goes on here. It’s gonna become Granville Street.

This is all real folks. I went through the public hearing videos to bring you this. Yeah, I’m that cool and have that much time on my hands. This is why you love me.

28 Responses to “As heard at the Opus public hearings”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Living in Yaletown must have frayed the nerves of these folks to the point where they’re ready to snap.

    Having the Opus application turned down doesn’t sound like much of a victory. It will still be noisy and drunks will still vomit in the lanes.

  2. Lindern Says:

    I understand that when close 180 people speak at a hearing, some selectivity is inevitable when reporting from it. The selection is ideally done so that you get representative views of the positions at the hearing.

    Instead you picked the stupidest sentences from the stupidest presentations.

    You have to expect that when 180 citizens speak their minds, the quality of the presentation will follow a normal distribution. Many opponents of the rooftop restaurant had well reflected presentations. Many opponents didn’t speak about the noise issue. Many opponents want more patio restaurants, not less. Many opponents are party-goers. Many opponents love the vibrancy of Yaletown.

    But you did not mention that. May I kindly refer you to Wikipedia’s entry on media bias. I think it could be helpful.

  3. condohype Says:

    Anyone interested in balanced opinion, objectivity or being productive at work should not be reading this blog. I very deliberately picked the stupidest sentences from the stupidest presentations because they made me laugh. This is a comedy site, not a news site.

  4. anon Says:

    What a bunch of morons. You move to the city BECAUSE of the nightlife and the noise, NOT to turn it into some impossible imitation of quiet tract home suburbia with wide street facing ranch houses with tons of space in between circa 1950.


  5. sidelines Says:

    Thanks for the laughs, Condohype! They’re needed to fight back the tears of despair that would otherwise be flowing from seeing further evidence of the deep set provincialism this so-called “world class” city is still suffering from.

    Let’s get a little Montreal into our Vancouver, whaddya say?

  6. Larry Yatkowsky Says:


    All this negative publicity on how bad it is to live in Yaletown can’t be good for demanding high prices for a condos. This does not appear to be a desirable neighborhood that would command premium dollars.

    “NOISE, Vomiting, granville street rabble, kicking cans,” all on public record – Oh My!

    Please, help me give my head a shake!

    I sense unbalance and bias! :>)

  7. Proponent Says:

    These are hilarious!
    I love the “neighborhood is under siege” comment.

    Why is everyone talking about views. No – the rooftop would not have views, but neither do any of the other patios in Yaletown! or any of the other patios in Vancouver for that matter. the point is to get fresh air in the sumer, maybe a little bit of sun. This is a bit more unique because it is elevated and that is what makes it beautiful, that and the fact that it was going to be wrapped in 10 foot high bamboo.

    Everyone is also complaining about the CURRENT problems and using them as reasons for not building a fine dining open-air restaurant??? that makes no sense. if the problems are so bad, get out. A fine dining establishment will not add to these problems.

  8. Joe's Forte Says:

    Doesn’t Joe Fortes have a rooftop patio? Shut ‘er down! Fair is fair. Best place on earth!

  9. Proponent Says:

    @ Joe Fortes,

    yes. they do. So does Lift (albeit, both were shrunk by similar bureaucracy)

    Luckily the Keg in Yaletown will also have one (they are currently working on their plans and should start construction shortly). They wont be shut down by NIMBYs because they already have the density and a rooftop restaurant is actually an allowable use under the zoning in Yaletown.

    Note: the only reason the Opus was in this position is because they were requesting a variance to allow them to build washrooms and an elevator lobby, and to raise the height of the machine room so the elevators could exit on the roof. This entire process was in fact just to get 760 square feet of floor area and 12 feet in height.
    YES – they would otherwise already be permitted to build a rooftop restaurant.

  10. Not running for mayor Says:

    That wasn’t the funniest comment at all, not even close. The funniest would go to the guy who calculated that the restaurant would lead to a couple extra hundred elevator trips a day and that the energy consumed would be enough to power X amount of lightbulbs. He then also calculated the amount of CHGs that would be produced by the heaters to keep the guests warm. It was incredible that someone acutally took the time to calculate such meaningless numbers. Now that the application was rejected I am no longer worried about climate change. Someone should youtube that segment and send it to Al Gore.

  11. Isolano Says:

    condohype: I think you missed some of the funniest stuff from both sides. Like when Councilor Anton says at the end “planning is a waste of time”. No wonder the Olympic Village is (at least) 100m in the hole, no wonder the economy is going down the tube, don’t even want to mention global warming.

    On that note, I don’t get Not Running’s comment – what’s so funny about that? I was surprised to hear an energy argument, but it seems to be not too far off the mark?!? (At least if you imagine lots of rooftop restaurants, rather than just the one.) Why are these numbers meaningless? Because you don’t believe in energy savings / climate change?

  12. mk-kids Says:

    “Anyone interested in balanced opinion, objectivity or being productive at work should not be reading this blog. I very deliberately picked the stupidest sentences from the stupidest presentations because they made me laugh. This is a comedy site, not a news site.”

    And that is why we love you condohype.

    I do however sense a nugget of truth in the reference to “gangland” – have you walked around there lately? WAY more shady characters sippin lattes at Urban Fare these days…

  13. condohype Says:

    I probably went through about 45 minutes of video before calling it quits. I took the best from what I saw. No doubt there’s more comedy for those who can suffer through the tapes. I didn’t catch Anton’s comment. At which meeting did she say that? Did she go into detail?

  14. Bubble Lad Says:

    I’d love to know what exactly constitutes a “responsible job” (flipping piece of sh*t yaletown condos?) Can’t I have a responsible job and spend my off-hours kicking things and vomiting? That’s the dream, anyway.

    Hasn’t Vancouver done nothing but promote itself as a giant, vomit encrusted tourist trap for the past decade? (er, I’m sorry, “The Best Place on Earth”).

  15. Happy Renter in North Vancouver Says:

    “Yeah, after I go party a couple of blocks over from my place and yell and scream with my buddies and puke all over somebody’s car, I like to back to my condo, and enjoy the peace and quiet I deserve from buying a 500K, 500 square foot hip Yaletown condo…”

  16. greg Says:

    I remember going to a hip rooftop bar/restaurant in Kathmandu, later recommended by Pico Iyer. It was great.

    Even in boring old Victoria there’s a rooftop bar on top of the Strathcona hotel, complete with volleyball courts.

    Most of the noise in the area is made in the street after things shut down and the drunks get outside to start stumbling around and fighting.

    The patio itself is great. Wake up Vancouver.

  17. Isolano Says:

    @condohype: Watch the final 20min or so. Anton speaks twice, she doesn’t quite manage to literally say “planning is a waste of time”, but instead takes about 2*2 minutes (one in each segment) to make exactly that point (in wording that is almost as ridiculous). I freely admit that her remarks sound more funny when taken out of context, but then, it’s not about news, right?
    By the way, I do think the last 20min are worth listening to, because you get a good feeling of how council decides on such things. It’s also worth listening to B.C. Lee trying to build a bridge for the Opus owner …

  18. Grumpus Says:

    “If you have children, you know how hard it is to get them to bed.”

    I didn’t know children lived in Yaletown. Is there a Montessori school there? Do they wear little ascots? Because that would be excellent.

  19. The Pope Says:

    little dogs wearing sweaters and carried in a purse are children too!

  20. Tony Danza Says:

    Blaring music, people running up and down the lanes, kicking things, vomiting — it all goes on here.

    If there were no one chundering on the streets of Yaletown what would all those lovely Yaletown pigeons eat? I also love watching the high class Yaletown clothes horses with their Manolo Blahnik’s strut their stuff through a sidewalk pizza, it makes me smile inside.

  21. The Last Word Says:

    Suzanne Anton: “I think that this suggestion go off and do policy work around an issue that hasn’t even been identified as an issue except in this one single instance is I think spending a lot of time for nothing.”

  22. Robert D'costa Says:

    Energy Efficiency Man was the best!! “I’m not going to bore you with the details.” Then he gives ALL the details. Sam Sullivan must be happy to be done. I get why Larry quit this circus.

  23. scullboy Says:


    I’d like to politely suggest no objectivity whatsoever on your blog, your’e f**king awesome. I spent the whole day selling cookware to idiots. One woman insisted she didn’t want her kids or the nanny exposed to any toxins, therefore we had to find a cutting board with no glut in it. I suggested the plastic resin one and got a “Plastic is evil” lecture.

    And you just KNOW this woman drove downtown in an escalade.

    Vancouverites kill me. She’s lucky I didn’t have the key to the knife display.

    The whole rooftop thing is just so typical. YOu guys are the only think keeping me sane. That and the thought of a nice, nasty recession to bring some sense to some of these people. God…. I desperately want them to take it in the teeth between their collapsing house values and RRSPs.

  24. islander Says:

    Lindern, may I direct you to the online OED entry for “pedant.”

  25. Proponent Says:


    Solid comment.
    Thank you for making my day. That is all.

  26. ABFAB Says:

    So, now that all of Vancouver downtown is a “residential neighborhood” due to condo developments, does this mean that we have absolutely no hope in even being a “sorta fun”, or “sometimes fun” city?

  27. VancityAllie Says:

    Haha oh those are hilarious. Thanks for compiling those for us!

    If the future happened according to some of these comments, we’d have furniture gangs rolling around Yaletown and people getting drunk doing poses at Yaletown yoga! LOL.

  28. Kuroame Says:

    Somebody should start a Critical Mass type event in Yaletown where everyone gathers with ghetto blasters and bottles of JD. Then the mob could run through the alleys blarring music, barfing, screaming and kicking things. Meet at 1am, the last monday of every month at the corner of Mainland and Davie.

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