Opus Hotel loses patio bid

City Council rejects Opus Hotel rooftop patio

Way to go, condo yuppies. You’ve made your point: Yaletown is no place for a rooftop patio. Last night, city council swallowed your hype and rejected the Opus Hotel proposal to bring more fun to our no-fun city. You know, because a district with 21 restaurants “isn’t ready” for the “dangerous precedent” of a rooftop bar.

Vancouver, you embarrass me. I love you but you embarrass me.

More on this tomorrow.

25 Responses to “Opus Hotel loses patio bid”

  1. Antiguru Says:

    Reminds me of when we kicked out the Molson Indy

  2. jesse Says:

    I think the clincher was that Opus couldn’t guarantee that patrons wouldn’t urinate on the street below. How can Vancouver call itself “world class” if it doesn’t rain martini-filled urine?

  3. rbo Says:

    How on earth….
    Try as I might, I do not understand this city, despite having lived here my entire life.

  4. Ernest Says:

    Shame on Vancouver. What is this nonsense? Some world-class city. Can’t even have a cocktail without upsetting somebody’s rights. I mean, come on, it’s Yaletown and the proposal had the patio closing at 10pm!!

  5. 604grant Says:

    Don’t give up, Opus. Keep trying. The only way to beat the many whiners in this town is to be noisier and more persistent.

  6. Will Says:

    I’m about to post this on my site as well… just not sure what to say. I mean, look at the comments here, on the CBC site, on Miss604’s site… who are the people that didn’t want this? It was a brilliant idea and a few folk have gone and ruined it. And seriously, as if the noise was an issue. Yaletown is noisy. Get over it. A rooftop patio used a few days a year (mostly in summer) would not make things worse. Heck, it’s raining the rest of the year or just plain too cold to be on a patio. A hardy “Boo” to those who worked council to get this denied.

  7. Vancouver: Triumph of the lameness « mtippett Says:

    […] Source: condohype.wordpress.com […]

  8. islander Says:

    The problem with democracy is that the NIMBY crowd – being motivated – coalesces around an issue they want to quash. They collect signatures on a petition, attend all the public hearings, and frighten the spineless politicians into crushing new ideas.

    Whereas the people who favor fresh ideas are sitting at home thinking, “yah, a rooftop patio; that’ll be cool.” But they don’t form committees or hold rallies or make fancy protest signs.

    What’s particularly galling about this case is that the same yuppie scum who presumably moved into the area for the nightlife don’t actually want any nightlife.

    It’s like the people who build 4,700 sqft Pagodas in the middle of a forest and then complain when the landowner next door wants to chop off a 1/2 acre so he can sell to the next guy who wants to build a 4600 sq ft McMansion. It’s all, “too much traffic this,” and “too much noise that.”

  9. anon Says:

    Have to agree with islander.

    The ‘yuppie hipsters’ that would actually use the patio probably couldn’t be bothered to get out to a meeting and voice their opinion, leaving only those to vehemently oppose it to have the loudest voice.

    Someone with a penthouse patio nearby should start holding regular bashes full of obnixous revellers an a weekly basis. Then the opposing crowd might realise that a controlled roof-top patio (open only until 10!) would have been the wiser choice.

    Besides, didn’t these people learn anything from that bar in Chilliwack that applied for a rootop patio, got denied, then decided to erect a brass pole and become an ‘exotic show lounge’?

    (Not that I think Opus will become a writhing peeler joint, I just hope they use the money set aside for the patio towards something equally as daring)

  10. raj » SHOCKING! OPUS Rooftop Patio - Overturned! Says:

    […] The ‘coalition of residents’ whined loud enough to be heard yet again by council. Do you remember the last time this happened? When we lost the Molson Indy? You can read more about it on the Condo Hype blog, HERE. […]

  11. VancityAllie Says:

    All when every other city in the world allows this.


    People having house parties on balconies across the street from each other in Yaletown make more noise than a screened controlled patio with bouncers.

  12. Isolano Says:

    Get over it … fact is, 120 people came out to speak against it, some with very reasonable arguments. If you’d been there and listened, you’d know that very few of the supporters did a credible job in countering their arguments. You’d also know that one of the Vision councilors, Heather Deal, has been very active in promoting patios around the city. We all want more patios. This particular proposal was just not very good. Wrong place, bad timing, wrong approach by the Opus and its supporters. If you feel that your views should be heard, go out there. Stand in front of council, use your five minutes to make your point. Find out how this works (or doesn’t) and complain about it then. Don’t wait for anyone basing political decisions on what people post online – it won’t happen.

  13. Isolano Says:

    By the way, I thought the Indy had to go (at least to a good part) to make room for new developments, including the Olympic village…?!?

  14. charlie Says:

    Whoever said Vancouver was a world-class city has obviously never been to a real world-class city. We have no New Year’s fireworks (what happened to First Night celebration), almost lost the fireworks if not for HSBC, no Molson Indy but a whole lotta homeless people. If you were a backpacker visiting from overseas, especially Europe, you’d be appalled at the lack of safe nightlife – getting drunk and starting fights on Granville St doesn’t count.

    What this city needs are lots of outdoor heated patios and cafes (not the cookie cutter Starbucks). Anyone who’s spent time in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Paris, NY, or any other real world-class city will know what I’m talking about – cheerful, fun, safe places that bring together people of all ages.

  15. Pal Says:

    To all people who agree, as I do, that selfish NIMBY types are ruining the city and harming its economy and liveability I suggest you support the Vancouver Whitecaps plan to build a multi-use Waterfront Stadium on derelict land on the edge of Gastown.

    It’s another project that is so obviously perfect for the city yet has been held back by NIMBYism from the start. World-class cities have stadiums right in their centres. Support it at http://www.whitecapsfc.com/stadium/waterfront/vision/

  16. Proponent Says:


    I attended each one of the meetings. what you fail to mention is that many ‘opposition’ members were represented by one person with a pile of “proxies”.
    You also fail to mention that the “valid arguments” were based on assumption and subjectiveness, whereas the proposal was based on professional analysis.

    It is also difficult to put that much value on all of the opponents when they were so wildly misinformed. I saw the posters that were plastered within a number of condos depicting the rooftop as a “PARTY ZONE” and a “Big Party 7 days a week”.

    I too would likely have something to say about it if they were trying to build BarNone on the roof, with loud music and open till 3am. The rooftop does not allow for music and has to be closed by 11pm…and it is a restaurant – not a “lounge” or “bar”.

    Keep in mind that only 120 people opposed this project, and thousands did not have a problem with it. Public Hearings are a forum for people to voice concerns. if you have been to others you will see that many projects have no speakers at all, that doesn’t mean that nobody is in support of it, it means that nobody opposes it.

  17. Skye Says:

    The last thing we need is another bloody stadium downtown. Now if you were proposing blowing up BC Place, I’d be all for that!!

  18. chris Says:

    World-class cities don’t need to remind everyone what world-class cities have.

    Heated outdoor patios and soccer stadiums… yeah, that’s what makes New York so awesome, got it.

  19. islander Says:

    Good job of proving my point, Isolano.

  20. As heard at the Opus public hearings « condohype Says:

    […] Opus Hotel rooftop thing is something else. I hope it doesn’t make me a bad person that I’m amused by […]

  21. Pal Says:

    Skye – so, a brand new venue and more money and people coming into a depressed area is a bad thing how exactly?

  22. nancy (aka money coach) Says:

    @Pal That battle’s been lost. Get over it.

  23. Pal Says:

    nancy – really, so we’re getting more condos instead I guess. What a city this is sometimes.

  24. Isolano Says:

    @ Proponent:

    “You also fail to mention that the “valid arguments” were based on assumption and subjectiveness, whereas the proposal was based on professional analysis.”

    Yes, paid for by the guy about whom we just learned this:

    Sorry, I’m not convinced. Plus, you’ve been there – you heard Stevens take apart some of the speakers for Opus. Not impressive. Not the least bit better than some of the opponents, only the opponents mostly had something at stake in case the experts and John Evans turned out to be wrong with some of their assumptions.

    Just walked by the Watermark on Kits Beach today – now that’s a good location! About 20 metres from their patio with about 25 people on it, the sound coming from the patio was pretty impressive. But no problem: it’s facing the water, the closest residences are probably 60 metres behind it. Think of this times 10, less than 20 metres from the next highrise – that’s what the Opus would have been. NIMBYism – perhaps, but I see their point (and I am not one of those from the buildings next to the Opus).

    All I can say is that as much as I like to Opus (and I do), this was not a good plan, and Mr. Evans and many of his supporters presented a weak case, in my opinion. Much of their case seemed to be based on the excellent reputation of the Opus and of Mr. Evans. With the latest news on Mr. Evans, it may appear prudent to double-check any numbers coming from Mr. Evans or the experts working on his behalf.

  25. Warren Says:

    Lots of whiners here. Reminds me of the people who complain about the government. Ask them who they voted for, and they say they were “too busy that day.”. Try showing up if you believe in it that much.

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