Yaletown revolts against the lifestyle

Photo courtesy of Opus Hotel Vancouver

Oh how this is so Vancouver!

Residents in trendy, condo-laden Yaletown — Vancouver’s definitive “lifestyle” neighbourhood of swanky bars, bronze bodies and designer dogs — are furious over plans for a 250-seat rooftop patio at the Opus Hotel. One local dweller fears the “open-air eatery” will draw hordes of Cactus Club-type people “yelling and goofing around and partying” long into the night.

Hoping to curb the rage of nearby condo strata councils, Opus proposes to “muffle” noise and visible drunkeness by way of a tent and bamboo perimeter. (Never fear, local voyeurs — the barrier will not obstruct your ability to see Van Damme snort a line at a room window, provided he chooses to snort a line at a room window.)

Residents argue their rights should come first since their homes went up before the Opus came and ruined Christmas.

Public hearings continue Tuesday, November 18 at City Hall. In total, 140 people are scheduled to speak. Unofficial estimates suggest the majority of those opposing the patio are Cactus Club-type people who bought into Yaletown for the precise purpose of yelling, goofing around and partying long into the night.

Residents of 212 and 283 Davie Street are encouraged to post comments.

24 Responses to “Yaletown revolts against the lifestyle”

  1. slim Says:

    Oh come on Vancouver! Make up your mind. If you want to live downtown, deal with the issues; Good and bad. The desire to put Vancouver on the list of great cities, but cant handle a rooftop terrace in the highrise next door. It is a shame that the people with the loudest protests are the least likely to have enjoyed a cool drink on a warm summer night above the hot concrete in a Tokyo (or Barcelona, or HK, Istanbul….)rooftop bar.

  2. Liam Says:

    As you say, this is classic Vancouver. People want to live downtown (in condos no less – the noisiest of all downtown dwellings), but not with other people. Or if there simply must be other people around, they must all be in bed by 10pm, must all work the same hours, must never have too much fun and must at all times be extremely quiet. All festivals must also be cancelled so they can get 365 nights of uninterrupted sleep a year.

    It’s almost worth going to that meeting just to point, laugh and take pictures of condo owners in the wild. Could someone please do that?

    I like this quote from the vancouver Sun article – “”The neighbourhood is already noisy,” said Dann Wilson, who lives at 212 Davie St. This man Dann seems surprised that a downtown neighbourhood packed with bars and restaurants in a reasonably-sized, busy city should be noisy. Begs the question – why did he move there?

  3. Jojo Says:

    Guaranteed most of these people are concerned about resale values rather than noise – selfish so and sos, especially the guy who seemed to think that because they were there first nothing else can be built. I mean, whose view did 212 Davie spoil when it was built?

    Even so, how about some new 212 Davie ads for future redevelopments to suit the owners:

    Urban(ish) Living at its Best

    The old 212 Davie was called urban living at it’s best. And you bought into it. Now, because you quite reasonably assumed ALL development in the area would stop once YOUR building was built, we’ve made 212 Davie 60% LESS urban! Just for you.

    That means:

    60% LESS noise – thick soundproof walls erected around the entire structure!
    60% LESS people – tunnels dug DIRECT TO YOUR OFFICE so you don’t have to mix with, or even look at, ANYONE in the neighbourhood!
    60% MORE pretentious! That’s right, we’ve taken the savings on noise and people and have made you 60% MORE pretentious, so you can enjoy *feeling* urban and *boasting about being* urban without actually *living* urban to your heart’s content.

    I guess one good thing about Yaletown condos like these ones is they gather all idiots and arseholes into one place, meaning they are easily avoidable and only mate with each other.

  4. condodweller Says:

    Grow up and look at the issue with less childish eyes. If you want a new sandbox to play in, find one where you’re not kicking sand into other people’s eyes.

  5. andrew Says:

    I lived in Yaletown for 1 year, sharing a wall with Bar None. It was a good experience at the time and yes, I had to put up with the cigarette butts and vomit outside my door, but I also briefly enjoyed being able to walk everywhere, having a choice of restaurants and bars nearby.

    When my wife was pregnant we decided we did not want to raise our child in that area and guess what? we sold our condo to someone who wanted to live in a trendy area and we moved somewhere else. as far as i know they are still there, partying a lot, enjoying life because they fit in with the neighborhood.

    They bought into the “cool” lifestyle of Yaletown when they moved there. If you take away the bars and restaurants, there isn’t much left….

    By the way, Yaletown technically includes only Mainland, Hamilton and one side of Homer, from Drake to Nelson. Pacific Blvd is False Creek, not Yaletown.

  6. Noz Says:

    What a bunch of whiners…come to downtown LA and then ask for the same thing…

  7. jesse Says:

    Sad dog is sad.

  8. Chilled Says:

    Nothing beats the resistance of boorish behaviour by boorish people.

  9. andrew Says:

    what yaletown resident has room for a Great Dane?

  10. rob bennie Says:

    Yelltown.. who cares?

  11. Chilled Says:

    Andrew, that isn’t a Great Dane, but rather a pug who has been to one of many of the local plastic surgeons. Dog vanity, I suppose. LOL

  12. Roni Says:

    while I don’t technically live in Yaletown, I live close enough to say that when you move into a neighborhood like that, you should want restaurants that attract a crowd like that, you should want restaurants on the roof, that’s part of the lifestyle. Learn to sleep with a little noise. Its probably also worth noting that it can’t possibly be as bad and as noisy as the young goons you get on and around Granville street since they can’t afford to eat there…

    Eventually Yaletown will lose its cache and be replaced by another snotty neighborhood, the residents should be doing everything they can to keep Yaletown as the main attraction for yuppies like themselves and this restaurant seems like a good way to do that.

  13. Roni Says:

    Also, tons of people in my building have huge dogs (st bernards, golden retrievers, German shepards), and I know they are living in less than 700 sqft. apartments. Thats just cruel isn’t it? I don’t even like dogs and I think its stupid.

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  16. aetakeo Says:

    Holy hell.

    Y’know, they could go live the lifestyle in downtown Chilliwack. There’s a glut of “quiet” “urban” condos there.

  17. blueskies Says:

    umm if there is too much ambient noise you won’t hear the gunshots from gangbangers taking out the bikers that hang out at Bar None……

    The Cactus Club on Davie was the noisiest restaurant that i’ve ever been too.

  18. anon Says:

    I live in the area and I could care less if they have a rooftop patio or not. All the controversy actually has me interested in going to it once it’s opened.

    Anyone complaining about the potential noise needs a head-check! That Cactus Club on the corner is defintely the noisiest place around. Why would you live in the area if you are looking for peace and quiet? Close your windows, turn on the radio, and STFU!

  19. Bin Der Dun Dat Says:

    I’ve been a position to meet people of all ages from all walks of life who can walk into a new Yaletown street level condo showsuite and ask, “Is it noisy?” These people range from realtors to lawyers, doctors, bankers, university educated professionals, and more, either representing clients or with presumably a wad of cash ready to buy a condo with. My next favourite question was when people peaked into the closet and asked, “Is this a closet?” Whoa, I never knew the meaning of stupidity before I was exposed to that. So, if you were stupid enough to buy into a neighbourhood where the value of excellent urban nightlife is one of the defining factors of your property and now want to change your mind about it… too bad! Just S.T.F.U. or sell and move. I love Yaletown when I decide to go there. Then I leave and come home to a quiet peaceful place where they’ll never think to put a roof top deck… which by the way, I’m going to as soon as they open up!

  20. PM Says:

    Van Damme is Yayotown. Oh, and he just put a deposit down on the Shangri-La penthouse.

  21. LB Says:

    ALso note that the rooftop patio will close at 10pm.

  22. scullboy Says:

    Dear Lord… only in Vancouver.

    Wasn’t it Rennie who coined the phrase “be bold or move to suburbia?” And aren’t downtown condos the ne plus ultra of investments?

    Clearly it’s time to move.

    I just don’t get Vancouver. Honestly.

  23. Jackie Says:

    This is one of the biggest reasons why being on city council is not for the faint of heart. The ridiculous tenacity it takes to sit through these kinds of public hearing surely must require the patience of some kind of superhuman (or the open-eyed napping ability of an amphibian). To hear Yaletown residents rally and try to raise this as an “issue” makes me realize how broken this city really is, and how misaligned priorities are sickly rewarded with pimpsweet condo livin.’ Thanks for this blog, condohype.

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