How things used to be

Do you remember when Metro Vancouver real estate could be advertised like this? A few colours here, an upward arrow there, a splash of urban alcoholism and voilà! You’re a professional condo marketer.

This ad, promoting a Chilliwack condo called Vibe, ran in the rags in 2006. In real estate time, that’s decades ago. This project is long past the sales stage. Today, a trip to the website takes you to a page titled “10 main reasons why the person needs life insurance.”


13 Responses to “How things used to be”

  1. rob bennie Says:

    Vibe Revisited…. I feel spent… & dirty

  2. Billy TwoBaulz Says:

    Love the chart. They could re-run the ad now, but just with a slightly different chart pointing down. “Chilliwack – the ass end of nowhere, and unlimited land, but hey! Look at how well Vancouver’s housing market is doing!”

  3. Billy TwoBaulz Says:

    Maybe a good name for a new condo building now would be “ChilliWACK.” As in wiggedy WACK.

  4. blueskies Says:

    love the primary colors!
    with the proper self medication you
    can actually see a strobe effect….

  5. rob bennie Says:

    ‘gonna need a John Deere sized Vibe to get a graph like that today!

  6. dingus Says:

    “a splash of urban alcoholism”

    Ha! Amazing the number of ads that use a clutch of giggling 20 somethings with goblets of Cab/Sauv or what have you to signal “urban living” and “luxury”. Looks more like university Rez to me, except with laminate flooring and stainless steel appliances.

    Flash forward a few years and for these buyers the drinking will become more solitary and sullen, I assure you.

  7. j6p Says:

    these places have been very slow to finish but i know one person that has moved in and she quite likes it. i’m sure the speculators will lose a little bit on the vibe but nothing compared to the tuscany or newmark.


    p.s. my family and i enjoy living in the ass end of nowhere

  8. anon Says:

    I painted the walls in my condo those colors…. actually, a little more fluorescent… much luck to the next owners!

  9. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    Wait, let me find my black lights. ooooooooo so much better.

  10. Chipotle Says:

    I was down at one of the brand spankin’ new (inside a recently converted condo development) food banks in West Van, talking to one of the areas top realtors, who said, apparently, there is going to be a bail out bid for West Van home owners… maybe they should enlist some of the sexy as hell marketing people who helped the citizenry of West Van NEED this kind of charitable drive..?

  11. scullboy Says:

    Just as a point of interest….

    I took a food styling course last weekend. That glass of freshly poured white wine?

    It’s water with a drop or two of grocery purchased artificial browning agent in it. THe the bubble or two on the side (to fool you into thinking it’s freshly poured)?

    It’s dish detergent and water, mixed in another glass. The bubbles are added via turkey baster.

    Voila, instant fake urban sophistication!

  12. anon Says:

    Then of course, there’s the perennial ChilliWhackJob Condos…

  13. Condo Abbotsford Says:

    You bought a condo, now please buy vibe life insurance…lol

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