Cosmo is a no-go

West Georgia never looked so chic. Honestly, I have no idea what this means. I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole adult life and never once have I heard West Georgia called chic, let alone so chic. I’d wager it’s the most boring street in all of Downtown Vancouver. At least Dunsmuir has character and Alberni has a liquor store and a Timmy-Wendy’s. What’s West Georgia other than a commuter corridor?

If you’re expecting Concord Pacific’s Cosmo condo to make the difference, this will break your heart — Vancouver’s collapsing real estate market has put Cosmo into limbo. The entire project is stalled, says the Globe and Mail, pending an evaluation of market conditions. I know, it’s devastating news. Somebody pass me a tissue.

But please, only a chic tissue.

14 Responses to “Cosmo is a no-go”

  1. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    Concord should hire Mssr. Rennie. Only with his ‘fundamentals’, does Georgia stand a chance of being ‘tres chic!’

  2. Bubble Lad Says:

    I kind of like the mini-expressway action they got going at the east end of Georgia. For three blocks you can pretend you’re in an actual city, instead of the glorified lumber camp that is Vancouver…sorry, the chic lumber camp.

  3. Wayne Says:

    The photo is about 10 blocks from the project site, more or less on top of Costco. Everyone knows Costco is synonymous with chic.

    The sky is a dull gray, that part is accurate.

  4. Gah Says:

    Actually, that statement should be right on the money. If Georgia is the most boring street in Vancouver, there really is nowhere to go but up on the chic scale. Therefore if the addition of this building even remotely adds to the chiciness of the street, then one can accuraltely say that it has never looked so chic!

  5. Skye Says:

    Nothing says chic like legions of BC Lions fans outside your door, and being between the Shark Club and Costco….

  6. Ultraman Says:

    Other projects to watch are the Richard’s Living, 999 Seymour and The Beasly. I’m not too sure how the pre-sales are going but nothing is moving on the construction site.

  7. Chilled Says:

    “Cosmo” Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld? I’d buy in *just* to be his neighbour alone!!! Oh, wait a minute, I probably can’t afford the additional mouth to feed in conjunction with the hefty mortgage.

  8. jones Says:


  9. Bubble Lad Says:

    I think jones has pretty much summed it up…and the next couple years as well.

  10. rob bennie Says:

    Nice looking ad. Imagine that, an image that actually IS Vancouver.

  11. beta Says:

    Here’s another condo development guaranteed to fail. They’re just putting in the foundations right now.

    If you click on the “Location” link, they don’t even give you a map, just a ludicrous description of the area.

    The development is in Burnaby on Edmonds, very close to Canada Way. It’s sandwiched in between an auto parts store on one side, and a vet, martial arts gym, tattoo parlour, and a 7-11 on the other. The 7-11 attracts all kinds of indigent types at all hours.

    I can’t imagine anyone buying there; it’s a slumish area with no redeeming features. They’re going to tank hard.

  12. blueskies Says:

    actually living at the Cosmo would
    give you an unparalleled view of “Rectum A B C and D”

  13. aetakeo Says:

    It makes me sad, when inventory drops out of the queue. Eventually, they’d have to sell it to us for pennies per suite.

  14. Strataman Says:

    give you an unparalleled view of “Rectum A B C and D” Hey Blueskies! I stole that line today with a conversation that included the Strata Pres’s of RECTUM ! 1, 2, 3, 4,(who I know well) who broke into rather sheepish grins! My apologies !

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