Sophia’s block party

The world is a strange place. Lots of weirdness all over. Like the President of the United States saying the only way to save the private sector is for it to be owned by the government. Um, yeah. That’s weird.

Vancouver is no stranger to the strange. Remember, we consider 400 square feet a home. Anyway, if you’re looking for a new line item on the list of things ‘couver-crazy, a condo “block party” might be for you. The realtor-marketers behind the revamped Sophia condo are holding one today, complete with unspecified “refreshments” and a property tour.

I’m not sure how this differs from an open house but whatever. If they call it a block party, I’ll take their word. Hopefully they won’t be mad when I show up with a bottle of Grey Goose and my “Are You Afraid of the Big Bad David Wolf?” T-shirt.

9 Responses to “Sophia’s block party”

  1. jesse Says:

    A receivership sale? Sounds fancy. Make sure to wear your Sunday best.

  2. Wayne Says:

    Closing Out! Liquidation Sale! Everything must go! No reasonable offer refused!

    These guys probably sold Persian carpets in their last job. Perhaps they’re just selling condos on the side.

  3. Chilled Says:

    “Sophia Block Sale” LOL
    Why do I have visions of a large, hairy Eastern European in a moo-moo flogging toasters and knitted socks on a card table?

  4. HouseHuntVictoria Says:

    “Are you afraid of the big bad David Wolf” T-shirt. You know, I’d actually buy one of those… priceless CH, simply priceless.

  5. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    How did I miss that event? Must have been a seniors moment.
    BTW you better copyright “couver crazy”

  6. Blaireo Says:

    So…did anyone anyone go?

  7. babzenuda Says:

    I take it the long downward arrow in the price column is meant to indicate that prices are dropping through the floor with no end in sight? I hope they had some strong booze at this block party to help convince people to “buy now or be priced out forever”!

  8. Patrick Says:

    They left me a message today saying there are only 9 units left – and now they are offering brand new “Honda cars” with every purchase.


  9. Grendel Says:

    Patrick, I believe you’re referring to “Stella”, Sophia’s glamourous sister just over the street!

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