La Galleria, where blurry means cool

Nothing like a little motion blur to set the tone. Thanks heavens for Photoshop filters. Just look at these awesome urban professional people. Even their dinner party is moving at the speed of business. Better act quick to seize on this “unprecedented” buying opportunity. Don’t delay, we’re talking exclusive Abbotsford living.

La Galleria starts at $139,900. Fuel and commute time to your North Vancouver office job not included.

21 Responses to “La Galleria, where blurry means cool”

  1. ed Says:

    I like the phrase ” Life begins in the New Abbotsford”
    mmm wonder where it ends. and what about the Old Abbotsford?

  2. Hypester Says:

    I think this is the first honest ad we’ve seen from the condo marketing gurus. Clearly this ad is shot from the point of view of the buyer after the full weight of the situation has hit him/her: they just bought an abbotsford condo presale and the nausea has set it.

  3. Carioca Canuck Says:

    “Exciting” and “Abbotsford” in the same sentence…….???

  4. Paul Says:

    It’s less racist now.

    But still full of ignorance:

    It’s the “Newer” Abbotsford.

  5. Bubble Lad Says:

    It sort of looks like those 3d pictures you need the special set of glasses to see clearly.

  6. anon Says:

    You’d have to be drunk on your rear like the folks in the picture to buy one of these.

    And ouch, what a hangover!

  7. Michael Tippett Says:

    Is the over-sized glass of olives included? How about some composition?

  8. blueskies Says:

    ” Life begins in the New Abbotsford”

    and everything east of that is beyond Hope……

  9. jesse Says:

    “You’d have to be drunk on your rear”

    Only the two girls are in full focus. And the glass of olives.

    Actually I’m impressed with this add. No cleavage. that’s a nice step-up from the normal stuff I’m used to seeing. Are bare shoulders considered risque in Abby?

  10. Chilled Says:

    “Urban Professionals” In Abbotsford? Too funny. Since when has berry picking become a profession? I didn’t even realize it was a vocation. They should throw a ‘drive by’ into the photo, at least that will make it a bit more realistic.

  11. Abby Berry Farmer Says:

    Not much happening on site. Looks like they are fishing before they probably “don’t” build.
    Berry farmer from Abbotsford.

    PS Chilled — When you are hungry after the market meltdown and can’t eat your 100 sq. ft Yaletown condo,I will sell you a flat of berries. $100 for you.
    No crime in Van?

  12. Daniel Says:

    For what it is worth….

    Granted they are a distance from downtown Van. If a buyer can not figure that out they should not be allowed to purchase bubble gum let alone an item that has six figures attached.

    I would suspect that anyone looking at a $139,000 condo would love to be buying downtown but often you have to start with what you can afford.

    How would everyone suggest that this development is marketed?

  13. Disbelief Says:

    Just give it up already… Abbotsford is a hole. I wouldn’t live out there for $139k not even for a year. You can throw a rock in any direction and hit a church. The Bible belt… not much fun at all. They roll up the sidewalks at dusk… DUMP

  14. Abby Berry Farmer Says:

    Disbelief is a troll from East Hastings and belongs to the church of Scientology.

  15. dingus Says:

    “How would everyone suggest that this development is marketed?”

    Not as a new urbane enclave for 20 somethings. Seems to smack of complete BS.

    I don’t see why it can’t be marketed with some honesty around what it is. Cheap, affordable living space, within (OK, long) commuting distance from Van, especially Surrey etc. Compare the 139 with starting prices in Van, burnaby, richmond. (Less than half the price, all the amenities! Your own home and spare cash for a life, etc). Pitch small town exurb country style lifestyle (fashionable digs away from the stress of the city, Abby ain’t what it used to be, etc). Pitch accessibility to the great outdoors, US border, whatever.

    Just don’t pretend Abby is the new Yaletown. It ain’t.

  16. Daniel Says:

    Good points Dingus. Thanks.

  17. j6p Says:

    it looked to me like they were trying to sell the old idea of a shop downstairs and a flat upstairs which has done really well all over the world. i think the mention of new abbotsford and major shopping nearby is a vague way of saying that there will be foot traffic for whatever business you start on the street level. galleria: A roofed passageway or indoor court usually containing a variety of shops or businesses.

    with no disrespect to the good people from the city, we ‘umble valley folk can manage an $800/mo mortgage without commuting anywhere.


  18. Paul Says:


    You’re totally messing this blog up by being constructive!
    That’s not what this place is for.

    condohype has stated that this is about parody, not better marketing remember?

    That’s the nature of a top-ranking Vancouver “Activist Blog”:
    “Against everything and for nothing.”

  19. dingus Says:

    I also wonder why everything has to be pitched to 20 somethings trying to live the hip urban lifestyle? Why not pitch Abby as a retirement / preretirement community? Cash in that equity! Come live near golf, golf and… golf!

    Perhaps their identified market is more easily gulled into major purchasing decisions on the never-never. Or is that too darn cynical…

    But can there be any more of these naive whippersnappers left who don’t have a presale contract in their pockets? Where is the market? Does anyone do any research or create a marketing strategy before breaking ground? Or is it just hit the usual buttons and hope for the best?

  20. Wayne Says:

    I’m not very impressed with this ad, no cleavage.

  21. Condo Abbotsford Says:

    Looks like this project is halted like many others in this market..

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