Do you like apples?

This ad ran a year ago. When it did, I gave it a good ripping. Something about the Pitt Meadows’ condo’s promise of “projected 10% – 20% property appreciation” rubbed me the wrong way. A couple of readers took offense to my skepticism. One even called me an idiot.

I wonder what they have to say now.

10 Responses to “Do you like apples?”

  1. Hypester Says:

    To give them credit, it didn’t say when the 10-20% appreciation was projected to occur… I’m sure in 2050 they may well be proven right!

    buy now, supplies are limited!

  2. condohype Says:

    You rock Hypester. I “appreciate” the post. Har, har. I’m hilarious.

  3. s.p. Says:

    to those ‘couple of readers’….FAIL.

  4. INFOJUNK Says:

    So what do you see in your crystal ball mr condohype for the next 10 years.. I think its crashing…coming down to earth.. where its supposed to be..

  5. jesse Says:

    condohype, they never called you an idiot, they called you a “dip sh-“. I shall call them cost+.

    I think it will be more like 1000-2000% projected appreciation, in Zimbabwe dollars, some point in the future. Even if prices fall 50% in CAD you’re still up crazy amounts of scratch.

  6. ds7777 Says:

    how much did it actually drop by?

  7. INFOJUNK Says:

    in Zinb$$$ its more like 2,000,000%, Developers will need to buy monster size machines to count money..

  8. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    perhaps pate du crow is in order.

    @ jesse
    DipS–t could be a great name for a Bull blog :>)

  9. Jim Says:

    I got her number, how you like them apples?

  10. Yeohlee Says:

    Pitt Meadows? Are they serious? I actually had to look at a map to find where that was.

    I don’t care WHAT alleged appreciation that project would have. No F***ing way I’m living way out there.

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