Westcoast Homes shocked by price drops, trauma counselors called in

It’s unlikely any reasonable person has ever confused the Sun’s Westcoast Homes as anything other than a shameless advertorial for developers. Still, one can’t help but be shocked when its editors admit they’ve never observed a fall in real estate prices. Here’s the bomb they dropped in the Saturday edition:

Prices for the residences at Enclave at Morgan Heights, a townhouse project under construction in south Surrey, have been significantly reduced — something not before observed on the pages of Westcoast Homes. In June, the two-bedroom Enclave townhomes were advertised as starting at $359,900, but in July the starting price was dropped by $35,000 to $324,900.

[The Vancouver Sun, “Builder drops townhouse prices by as much as 10 per cent,” August 23 2008]

If there was ever any debate as to the quality of information in Westcoast Homes, this excerpt settles it. It makes you wonder if the W.H. editors read their own paper. In the same section, Sophia is advertising a “court-ordered” 10 per cent price cut, and on another page, a Richmond townhouse boasts of “fire sale” prices.

I wonder how much longer than Sun is going to keep Westcoast Homes alive in its current form. I imagine things will have to change once the market really starts to tank. There comes a point where descriptions of Kohler faucets and wood-like cabinets aren’t satisfying.

9 Responses to “Westcoast Homes shocked by price drops, trauma counselors called in”

  1. jesse Says:

    I think this comment is the equivalent of Russia driving tanks into Georgia. Once the property developers buying adverts see what’s possible on the negative side, the ad revenues will no doubt start flowing again.

    Don’t forget who has tank.

  2. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    “one can’t help but be shocked when its editors admit they’ve never observed a fall in real estate prices”

    To the Editors:
    Please! Quit passing gas. Pull your respective heads out of your dark orifice and take a look at the REBGV’S average price graph.

  3. ThePope Says:

    It makes you wonder if the W.H. editors read their own paper.

    Probably not, but can you blame them?

  4. islander Says:

    When I worked at a big-city broadsheet (editorial side) I knew the veteran writer who produced the copy that filled the blank spaces between the home ads. And my best friend at the paper was the head of sales for that department. Do I have to say which one had the most influence in that organization?

    A newspaper exists to sell ads.

  5. Frank Says:

    It would have to hit them right in the face before the editors will admit it.

    Islander, I agree – and if the Province and Sun exist to sell ads, then why are we the readers paying for them too??

    We may as well paick up one of the free papers and get our ‘News’ from them.

  6. condohype Says:

    I stopped buying the Sun years ago but I do read David Baines and Vaughn Palmer on the web. It’s only for the blog that I bother to browse Westcoast Homes. I usually do that in a coffee shop using a complimentary copy. I can’t bring myself to buy the actual paper.

  7. Condo Abbotsford Says:

    They will admit it later if not sooner. because that is the reality..

  8. Samantha Orwell Says:

    “enclave”… the name is priceless.

    white enclave.

    i want them to make an add that has a black (or ethnic) family and name the project “ghetto”.

    shameless these condo ads..but so demonstrative of the regulation/gentrification being poerformed.

  9. Wayne Says:

    Westcoast Tents? Westcoast cardboard boxes? just brainstorming.

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