Vote for Vancouver’s best local blog

Wanna confirm your status as a sexy urban professional? You should cast a vote for Best Local Blog in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver survey.

Sorry for the self-promotion but if Bob Rennie’s taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with blowing your own horn. You need be loud and proud, willing to use cuss words on a whim, and have some sort of respectable hobby (like art collecting) as a motivator for your hubris.

Well, I have no hard motive for writing other than it makes me feel good and people to seem to have fun reading it. So here’s my shameless appeal: If you like this blog, vote for it.

Or if you like it but not as much as Vancouver Condo, Financial Planning and Personal Sanity, Vancouver (Un)real Estate, Paul Boenisch’s North Vancouver Homes or any of the other great local real estate blogs, vote for them.

You’ll need to vote in 24 other categories in order for your ballot to count. If you’re like me, you’ll take special pleasure in nominating Bob Rennie as best used-car dealer.

7 Responses to “Vote for Vancouver’s best local blog”

  1. condohype Says:

    FYI: You’ll need to go to the “Media, Arts and Culture” section of the survey to vote for your favourite local blog.

  2. wario Says:

    Ten bucks says Tamara Taggart wins best weather anchor and ikea wins best furniture chain. Vancouverites are SO PREDICTABLE when it come to taste. Would be cool if any condo blogs got picked.

  3. jesse Says:

    You mean there are other local blogs other than real estate ones?!?

  4. paulb Says:

    Thanks for the link CH. Best of luck! I check this blog everyday.

  5. dingus Says:

    smokin’ graphics!

    You should be in the biz.


  6. dingus Says:

    “Ten bucks says Tamara Taggart wins best weather anchor and ikea wins best furniture chain.”

    Too f*cking funny. Add Milestones as best dining and the Gap as best clothing and the Sun Run as the most keen-bean mass hysteria what-is-it-for-again? excuse to get an oversize t-shirt.

    And we all just looooove the Canucks — almost as good as the Maple Leafs…!

  7. condohype Says:

    Should be in the biz? 🙂

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