Sophia’s back and she’s having a party


When things get tough, I count on friends to help me through the days. One of my best buds in East Van is Sophia. I haven’t heard from her much in the last six months; she skipped town last February after having a falling out with this guy Eden. She took some time off to travel and ended up in Oregon doing volunteer work on the Obama campaign. Yeah, totally East Van, I know.

Last night, out of nowhere, Sophia gave me a call to say she’s back in Vancouver. Even better, all the trouble with the condo has been sorted out. She’s having a party on Saturday — something to do with a court-ordered “recievership” sale — and it’s open to anyone.

Anybody interested in going to the party with me? If you’re not exactly the party type, that’s OK. It’s pretty easy to make conversation at these things. When in doubt, just comment on any nearby piece of furniture (i.e. Is that a Poang chair?) or ask the person you’re speaking with to describe the details of their cell phone plan. Trust me, the young affluent types are all over this stuff.

18 Responses to “Sophia’s back and she’s having a party”

  1. condohype Says:

    For the furniture joke, I acknowledge the influence of Christian Lander and his spectacular blog, Stuff White People Like.

  2. bcj Says:

    When I think affluent neighbourhood, I think “South Main”.

    Also couldn’t help but notice the awkward spacing between bullets and text.

  3. MS Says:

    “affluent south main”!?!?? LOL. I lived in that area for most of my life before moving downtown. It’s not affluent. It’s fully of lower income people in high-density housing. Couple that with all the halfway homes for mental illness cases and drug abuse, and you have a non-wealthy neighborhood. What a joke.

  4. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    Party Conversation:

    Forget the furniture and cell phone plans, go for a new low – engage the realtor. 🙂

  5. Bubble Lad Says:

    Was having dinner in the Cascade Room on Main when the CBC news story about Sophia flashed on the screen. A room full of pr and ad fartcatcher-types didn’t appreciate my expressions of (admittedly bad natured) amusement.

    Still, I like that neighborhood (at least the part north of Sophia, down to Broadway).

    MS – is it the neighborhood you’re down on, or just the ad portraying it as something that it’s not? What was it like when you lived there as opposed to now?

  6. MS Says:

    I’m not down on the neighborhood, moreso the portrayal. I’ve always thought that South Main had a lot of character, and would be one of my first choices for a semi-affordable community to raise a family in. However, it’s not affluent compared to anything west of Main St. Sure, there are some nice restaurants/hangouts like the Cascade Room, Aurora, The Whip, Soma, Slickety Jim’s, places near 16th, all the haunts up near 25th, but you also have proximity to some less fortunate areas like Fraser/Broadway, etc. How many great restaurants or watering holes are there east of Main on Broadway??? There are transients, and the community care facilities that deal with addiction/mental illness. For that reason, this will never be an area that is upscale/posh like Kerrisdale or South Granville. It will always be East Vancouver, and in my opinion, that should not be included in Vancouver’s list of affluent neighborhoods.

  7. Karl Hungus Says:

    I love the Poang chair!!

  8. Bubble Lad Says:

    Thanks for the reply MS!

  9. Islander Says:

    Brings to mind two things:

    When the listing says “Highly desirable,” it’s almost surely not. Think about it, if it’s highly desirable, buyers don’t have to be told because everyone already know it’s highly desirable. Nobody has to be told “highly desirable Uplands Estates” and nobody’s going to fall for “highly desirable Esquimalt.”

    The New Home Warranty covers everything, except anything that matters. Do not count on it for anything. Ever.

  10. L Says:

    Too bad theres a 5% cover charge soon, that will put a damper on the party.

  11. alexcanuck Says:

    How many great restaurants or watering holes are there east of Main on Broadway?
    Just one that I know of, but that one is VERY worth a visit for brunch! Seb’s it is, SE corner, one block West of Fraser. That’s all, keep up the good work exposing the scam this market is.

  12. funshine Says:

    Thanks for the great reading material Condohype. I’ve enjoyed your insight and humour.

    I’m afraid that we won’t have many more posts from you considering the way the bubble is bouncing.

  13. MJ Says:

    Thanks for the great reading material Condohype. I’ve enjoyed your insight and humour.

    Aw, c’mon, funshine. Don’t talk in the past tense. I think Condohype said he’d stop the blog when the game was up. We’re just at the very, very beginning of the end. There are still way too many pump-and-dump characters around for Condohype to call it quits just yet 🙂

  14. MS Says:

    alexcanuck – I’ve been to Seb’s for brunch and it is indeed one of those rare good spots east of main on Broadway. Count how many money laundering dining spots there are in contrast. Especially up on Kingsway/Fraser.


  15. yoword Says:

    condohype, you’re such a dick, but it’s great.

  16. Ulsterman Says:

    MS Says “Count how many money laundering dining spots there are in contrast. Especially up on Kingsway/Fraser”

    I’ve always wondered why the cops / rev canada don’t investigate all those oh-too-obvious grotty little restaurants that clearly don’t really operate as restaurants.

    Years ago i worked at the Lamplighter pub in Gastown and the chinese “restaurant” beside us on Abbot St NEVER had a customer. Always open and NEVER EVER a customer.

    Even to my untrained eye something was clearly dodgy.

  17. valaype Says:

    Занимаюсь дизайном и хочу попросить автора отправить шаьлончик на мой мыил) Готов заплатить…

  18. Bookmarks about Type Says:

    […] – bookmarked by 4 members originally found by briankong on 2009-01-10 Sophia’s back and she’s having a party – bookmarked by 3 […]

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