Nuovo kids on the block

Nuovo on 68th

Found this ad in my archives under the heading “Bad Ads to Write About Later.” It’s a stinker but you’ve probably come to that conclusion already. I don’t need to tell you that the models laid out on the grass look like victims of gang violence.

Perp on this one is Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing.

5 Responses to “Nuovo kids on the block”

  1. ds7777 Says:

    i wonder what they are both doing with their other hands…

  2. Octagonian Says:

    You should really take this act out on the comedy circuit — now that it is safe to publicly talk about RE’s implosion…people could use a little levity

  3. condohype Says:

    I’m intrigued by the idea of taking this material to a new medium. As a television series, I imagine it as a story about Vancouverites who struggle to live up to their lifestyle aspirations. The show could get into all sorts of great themes around that.

  4. Billy TwoBaulz Says:

    They always seem to shy away from saying these places are actually in PoCo or Surrey or Chilliwack, and just talk about how they’re only a 15-minute drive from downtown – on a rocket sled. Where the heck is East Clayton Park and 194 and 68? I am not super familiar with Vancouver so forgive my ignorance. Surrey??

  5. swirlyman Says:

    Here’s an idea… the condohype drinking game!
    You show a series of random condo ads and every time a phrase from a list of overused marketing phrases appears in an ad, e.g. “granite countertops” or “stainless steel appliances”, the word “luxury” or “luxurious”… you drink a shot.

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