A weekend of lifestyle living

Expressions Coquitlam

For all the talk about “lifestyle living” in the “world city” of Vancouver, the weather here is good for one, maybe two weeks a year. When mother nature bestows hot sunny days on the city — as we experienced this past weekend — Vancouverites explode with happiness, shed most of their clothes and head on down to Kits Beach for Western Canada’s ultimate body show-off.

Being the sexy urban professional that I am, I couldn’t help but join the pageant at the beach. It was a surreal experience, as if all the characters in Vancouver condo ads had come to life. Topless Babe in Shades played volleyball, the Happy Feet Couple strolled in the surf, the Coquitlam Dancing Princess did a little jig. It was beautiful. Then night fell and everybody went home.

For one weekend, Vancouver lived the lifestyle. No thought of mortgage payments or strata rules or the “100 security cameras” that help you sleep at night. Just a lovely weekend for all to enjoy.

For once, freedom.

11 Responses to “A weekend of lifestyle living”

  1. finklebean Says:

    I wonder how many of the ‘trendoids’ at Kits beach could find Coquitlam on a map?

  2. Bubble Lad Says:

    100 security cameras? That don’t sound good. Please explain.

  3. Alexas Says:

    …sexy urban professional goes to the beach to contribute in lifestyle living in the world class city… oh man, you nailed it again. This is a killer blog.

  4. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    hype was that you I photographed on the beach while I enjoyed the world class sailing lifestyle. Great six pack .>)

    RE: the model – do you think she finds the garden plots and children’s playground important?

  5. condohype Says:

    Sadly and hilariously, this ad promotes “100 security cameras” as a selling feature for the condo. I know, it’s too funny.

  6. I Am Burquitlam Says:

    This blog is a wicked good read.

  7. Bubble Lad Says:

    One hundred cameras – LOL! Sounds like a cross between a condo and that old show “The Prisoner” with Patrick Mcgoohan…I AM NOT A NUMBER! Wait a minute…just change him trying to escape from “The Village” to speculators trying to get out of the market and I think you might have something!

  8. ds7777 Says:

    that picture was probably taken while she was lying on her bed with one of those 100-hidden cameras

  9. dingus Says:

    I thought this was a pantyhose ad.

  10. genxr Says:

    great! 100 security cameras…what does that tell you about the area?

  11. A Lovely Knitted Italian Scarf Says:

    […] my sexy urban professional fashion senses aside.  What can be more cooler than a handmade Mario Brothers scarf to wear on a brown Autumn […]

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