Condo with a crotch mascot

The Ridge Resort

I once met a guy who told me he was comfortable with one-night stands so long as they didn’t involve interlocking fingers at any point during or after sex. As he explained, “finger interlocking is a sign of great intimacy and love” and he couldn’t handle that. What a guy, age 36.

Anyway, I never thought much of the remark until I caught this spot for The Ridge Resort. The innovative minds at Platinum Project Marketing are responsible for this treasure of an ad where the main selling points of a Harrison view condo are a crotch, a book and — here’s the kicker — the interlocking fingers of a lone man!

I don’t know what else to say, I just think this is really funny. Mr. Blue Shorts, you’re my new favourite condo mascot.

9 Responses to “Condo with a crotch mascot”

  1. Alexas Says:

    It looks to me that’s the same guy (a neighbor) from Predator Ridge. Our Friend keeps smartly investing it in all good stuff around.

  2. ds7777 Says:

    if u ask me, he looks dead. perhaps decapitated by the predator.

  3. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    Has anyone hung around Chilliwack on a hot summer day when the air pollution from Vancouver just hangs over that area as brown sky. Is that what is lingering around the mountain backdrop? Shorts nah – more likely a respirator.

  4. Greenhorn Says:

    After the guy blew his wad buying this over priced schlock of a condo, all he could afford to BBQ is hamburgers. Pathetic!!!

  5. jamesglave Says:

    Interlocking fingers aside, look at the schedule on this ad! I’m sure you can leave “the office” at 5pm and be out at lounging poolside at Ridge Resort in Harrison within an hour and change, provided….

    1. Your best buddy works at Helijet or
    2. Your “office” is in downtown Maple Ridge.

    On the other hand, if your office is where most people’s offices are, you’ll be lucky to get as far as the Port Mann sprawl crawl.

  6. Condo with a crotch mascot « mtippett Says:

    […] Source: […]

  7. Condo with a crotch mascot » Says:

    […] Source: […]

  8. j6p Says:

    you’re on a roll, my wife and i had a good laugh this morning over your last two posts

  9. condohype Says:

    I appreciate the kind words. Thanks jp6.

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