Meet your creepy neighbour at Predator Ridge

Predator Ridge

On the spectrum of good to bad publicity, with good being the iPhone launch and bad being the smell of Granville Street on a Saturday morning, how would you rate this ad for the homes at Predator Ridge?

I almost don’t have an opinion. The awfulness of this ad is so overwhelming, it took me twenty minutes before I regained consciousness.

Here we have a family development named Predator Ridge promoted with the image of a creepy, middle-aged man who looks like he’s straight out of an episode of Law and Order: SVU. What do you think he’s thinking about as sits and smirks all alone on his faux-wood porch? It’s not the “stunning amenities” I assure you.

I need a bath. This is disturbing.

14 Responses to “Meet your creepy neighbour at Predator Ridge”

  1. M- Says:

    That’s amazingly creepy. I guess nobody from the developer or the ad agency realized that “predator” can have other meanings than, say, eagles and falcons.

    …Or maybe I’m just from the big city, and nobody out in the Okanagan has any concerns about middle-aged predators…

  2. Wayne Says:

    They tossed around ‘Psychopath Ridge’ but thought it might put buyers off.

  3. s.p. Says:

    I hear Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC has bought a place here.

  4. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    rode horses there in my youth. only predators back then were snakes 🙂

  5. robbennie Says:

    Mr. Hype doth protest too much, me thinks.

    I know the place is called Predator, but the whole ad seems pretty benign. Perhaps if little Billy was on his lap there would be cause for concern.

    Now you’ve got all the disgruntled renters running for their pitchforks!

  6. JT Says:

    Hey Condohype,
    Love your site and apologies for not sending email directly as could not find your email on your site. Was reading the Sun today and noticed this article:

    Perhaps you’ve seen it, but if not thought you might find it amusing. It’s entitled, “Downtown Vancouver as good as suburbs for families, survey says” but the following is listed:


    – Shortage of school and daycare spots
    – Inadequate activities in parks and community centre for young teens
    – Conflicts over dogs in the parks
    – Lack of a mid-range grocery store that falls between Urban Fare and Costco, along with other regular retail like a hardware store and a dollar store
    – The look of the buildings, which many said were “too monotonous, gray and green.”

    Errr, aren’t these the exact reasons why families to move to the burbs? Or is this another advertorial piece claiming that again, Vancouver is world-class in it’s downtown living?

  7. Drachen Says:

    I think the head of American Apparel must be behind this one. Somehow he managed to build his business into a mini empire, in spite of an advertising campaign blatantly pushing the paedophillic lifestyle so it can’t be that bad for business.

  8. woodenhorse Says:

    While I have to say, post your pointing it out, I see what you’re saying; I don’t agree and would not have thought this if you hadn’t have pointed it out.

    Does this make it a non-satirlical criticism of the advert? Are you saying it is poor advertising because Y% of the population will have a suspection of this model as a paedophile and/or rapist …in other words a ‘predator’?

  9. Billy TwoBaulz Says:

    woodenhorse, grab a sense of humour! Stat!

  10. maikopunk Says:

    Am I the only one who thought this guy was lying around in a bathtub? The light colour of his sleeves look at first like exceptionally wrinkly old-man arms. But now that you’ve pointed out the pedophile connotation of “predator”, his pose and smug, satisfied smile take on a whole other meaning.

    Oh how I hate how every condo ad has to sell a lifestyle to go with it. None of these places are anything more than wattle and daub huts when it comes right down to it! Gah!

  11. condohype Says:

    My schtick is to write funny commentary that gets people to think more critically about advertising. Bringing up Mr. Creepy Guy and Predator Ridge is my way of opening a discussion about the “thought” that goes into designing an ad. I get the sense the people responsible for this ad didn’t put a lot of thought into it. I’m surprised this concept wasn’t shot down in the brainstorm. You’d think one person in the room would’ve said, “Hey, isn’t it kind of creepy to put Mr. Creepy Guy alone in a hot tub in an ad for Predator Ridge? You gotta admit it’s creepy and families don’t like creepy.”

    If this would’ve happened, everyone would’ve agreed, had a big laugh and moved on to a better idea.

  12. cheesefairy Says:

    Also, he’s got a nose like a bird of prey. Which makes me think picking him, at least, was intentional. “He’ll make people think of eagles! Which are NOBLE!”

    I’ve long been confused by Predator Ridge – did a double take on the highway a couple years back when I saw the billboards. To me it would be like spending umpty $$ to live at “Shark Island.” Not a big fan of predators – human or otherwise. Thanks. No thanks.

  13. Yve Says:

    I think that area south of Vernon has always been called Predator Ridge, likely because there are cougars and eagles etc. around there. Or used to be before they put a great honking golf course and housing development there. I don’t think it’s one of those hokey, made-up marketing tags like you see in the ‘burbs like “Scenic Acres” or what have you. Regardless, the ad is creepy and your commentary hilarious. Keep up the good work.

  14. JC Says:

    Funny Stuff… Love It!

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