The many mistakes of Indigo on the Lake

Indigo on the Lake

With rising gas prices doing their best to transform the summer road trip into science-fiction, I thought it would be fun to look at the marketing of a vacation condominium. The Indigo on the Lake condos in Osoyoos are about 400 km east of Vancouver, or roughly $125.00 in gas when driving one-way in your beloved Hummer H2.

Indigo on the Lake has been in the “news” for some time, provided you consider ads and coverage in Westcoast Homes to be news. As far as condo mascots go, the sandal-sporting rock-star wannabe standing in front of Indigo’s “actual waterfront view” is a good one — if by good you mean unintentionally hilarious. (Now you understand why I mentioned the Hummer H2.)

Indigo’s marketing is a text-book case of mixed messaging. The ad creative shows us childless couples but the ad copy speaks of family vacation homes. On the website, images of seniors drinking wine are everywhere.

Sometimes when you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

9 Responses to “The many mistakes of Indigo on the Lake”

  1. aetakeo Says:

    For a development called “Indigo”, they could have shelled out for some colour correction. That is the some washed out looking ad-copy. Clinical in the foreground, fetid mud in the back. Guh.

  2. j6p Says:

    pardon my beer buzz, but wtf is a boat concierge? i think the morning coat will be uncomfortable in 40c sun

  3. Tony Danza Says:

    Condohype, that isn’t a wannabe rock-star, that’s a died in the wool baby boomer real estate mover and shaker. You should head over to the Okanagan this summer and check these clowns out, they’re for real!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    They should have used “random celebrity guy” in the ad.

  5. maikopunk Says:

    It seems even funnier when you think about the fact that they’re marketing weird old Osoyoos. Morning-after-wife-swapping breakfasts at Smitty’s, shopping sprees at Fields and Stedmans, dodging the foamy stuff that washes up on the beach when you go for a swim, the realization that you just bought a condo in a town without so much a movie theatre…

  6. macchiato Says:

    maikopunk, hilarious, I thought the same. ride some shitty waterslides with a bunch of overflow campers, maybe stop off at the Super Valu for some ice for rye and cokes, tie one on and then have some silver dollar pancakes at that Smitty’s in the morning.

    “without so much a movie theatre …”

    They have a Dairy Queen though … with a drive through, I think.

  7. moongirl Says:

    Please tell me you’re going to write about today’s middle page spread in the Vancouver Sun! Don’t worry, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it…

  8. Bubble Lad Says:

    What is on the guy on the far left’s head? He looks like Andy Warhol complete with awful white wig.

  9. condohype Says:

    Thanks for the tip, moongirl.

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