At Stella, it’s “smart” to pay higher prices

Stella Vancouver

This ad for Stella at 12th and Kingsway follows Argyle’s lead with the use of what I call “The Uncomfortable Model” motif. In this example, we have a man allegedly named Jason and living in “TH 6” in the Stella development. Though Jason doesn’t seem as uneasy as the Argyle couple — he seems happy with his coffee — there’s something off about his pose. It’s as if he’s sitting on a sharp piece of stale biscotti but being successful at negotiating the pain.

Jason shares two quotes in the ad, the most amusing being his kindergarten-level insight that Stella is a good investment because “a comparable place ten minutes away would cost far more.”

Uh, yeah. Thanks for that, Jason. Glad you could share with me what I missed on the last episode of Sesame Street. Who would’ve thought in real estate, location impacts price!

Jason, if I can give you a lesson: Take a look at the website of the Maverick Real Estate Corporation. That’s the marketing firm that created the Stella ad you’re in. Their website talks a lot about their knack for selling condos. You might take an interest in this:

Stella Vancouver: A unique combination of a 99 suite tower over top of Honda automotive dealership — the first of its kind in Canada. Dramatically higher prices achieved than other comparable buildings.

Ten seconds of research and you find that the marketer is laughing in your face, boasting about the “dramatically higher prices” they’ve secured from buyers just like you.

I’m sorry, Jason. Your investment in Stella wasn’t so smart.

18 Responses to “At Stella, it’s “smart” to pay higher prices”

  1. macchiato Says:

    starting under 400K … this is across the street from the Biltmore! The amount of traffic there is ridiculous, 400K, bring on the fools

  2. Warren Says:

    Walking distance from the kitten theater? I’m in.

  3. dingus Says:

    The posture I think is supposed to suggest that he’s too gosh darn excited and pleased with his investment that he can barely remain seated.

    Anyway, Jason’s been saying this for a long time now. I am sick to death of this ad and Jason — that hair, that suit, that moronic latte cup, the real estate career, the investment advice from a 23 year old — it’s a personification of everything that’s gone wrong in this city the past 5 years.

    I pass this building every frickin’ day. A big ol’ rectangle perched atop a proposed car dealership, at the bucolic juncture of Kingsway and 12th, convenient to the Sally Ann down the street, and across from HoJo’s (formerly the Biltmore) and a Jiffy Lube, and kitty corner across a vast intersection from yet another car dealership. Nasty, nasty spot.

    That cafe he’s at is maybe a dozen blocks away? Hard to say. It’s certainly not on Kingsway (though if you’re looking for a bubble tea joint or hoping to sip drip coffee with gang members, perhaps this is for you), though maybe it’s supposed to be South Main? Looks more like Main and 20-odd). It really is not representative of the neighbourhood, and belongs in the Vespa-on-cobbled-street category of blatant misrepresentation.

    Jason, man, I know where you live.

  4. dingus Says:

    The Kitten! I forgot! At least it’s near a heritage site.

  5. jesse Says:

    Sounds like “Jason” is stated income. Oh the irony!

  6. Rob A. Says:

    What “Jason” doesn’t get, is tha downtown is the pace to be, because that’s where all the action is!

  7. ThePope Says:

    But think of the convenience of being able to go car shopping without a car! That alone has to be worth the ‘dramatically higher price’.

  8. Jason Says:

    Wow!!!! Where do I begin. I guess I am pretty excited given the amount the unit has appreciated over the past 3 years. My kindergarden insight has made me a healthy profit from this unit so maybe next you should tivo every eposide of Sesame Street and that way you won’t miss out on life lesson. Dingus… thank you for making my day. I am way older than you think I am… so again THANK YOU!!!!! The coffee shop was on Main and Broadway… maybe 3 blocks from Stella. Do you really have nothing better to do than to make up blogs slamming people? How many homes do you own?

    I will give you the ” It’s as if he’s sitting on a sharp piece of stale biscotti but being successful at negotiating the pain”… that was pretty funny.

  9. Sidelines Says:

    “I guess I am pretty excited given the amount the unit has appreciated over the past 3 years. ” That’s great, Jason. Fantastic. I’m excited about this market, too!! Imagine the possibilities! Let us know when you’ve sold and realised that appreciation, will you? (psst! here’s some advice: sell now!).

  10. M- Says:

    Stella just left an automated voicemail on my cellphone. I think I registered with them a long time ago, but I can’t remember. At least they could have sent me an email. The automated voicemail was hyping how I could OWN with ONLY $5,000 down, and something about special financing from TD…

  11. 604grant Says:

    Anyone who’s ever been to a Dealership knows they all have a PA system. I’m wondering if people living on the lower floors will be able to hear it all day:

    “Harry Myers please call 216.”
    “Sales rep to the showroom please. Sales rep to the showroom.”

    Maybe only when they have their windows open. If they can hear anything over the traffic.

  12. CondoVan Says:

    A friend of mine registered and the saleswoman will not stop calling him!

  13. condohype Says:

    Jason, I’ve sent a message to your email. Please reply to let me know you received it. Many thanks.


  14. robbennie Says:

    Looks like Mr. Hype is having writers remorse and is trying to back pedal on his Jason rip.

  15. Warren Says:

    I’m desperate for an update here.

  16. condohype Says:

    Me too. Who runs this blog? 🙂

    Seriously though, stay tuned Warren. Always exciting things in the works at condohype.

  17. White Smooth Says:

    I’m with Jason on this one. The location may not be ideal, the marketing is weak and having a car dealership under you is annoying but I made a tone of money on my unit. Must suck sitting on the “sidelines”.

  18. ABFAB Says:

    Jason, since I work a stones throw from your condo at a mental health facility, I would appreciate you not buying into that whole condo owner mentality that makes you feel that because you bought a condo, you think that the whole neighborhood should change around you. I really like my job, and the clients that I serve. I sure hope that you will too.

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