Argyle’s hangover


This ad for the Argyle townhomes in Abbotsford is one of the worst condo ads in a long time. Could this couple be any more unconvincing? “Take the damn picture!” is all I get from their tired, hungover faces. She looks like she’s ten seconds from passing out and the angle of his left arm inadvertently hints at a horrific accident. Argyle Andy: He tried to beat the train…and lost.

Let this be a lesson for you kids out there: Don’t get drunk and play near the tracks or you might find yourself in a condo ad.

What a wreck.

7 Responses to “Argyle’s hangover”

  1. vreaa Says:

    This couple look weird largely because of the ambiguity of her body language. Her eyes and face have been told by the photographer to be dreamy and seductive, but her arms are cautiously protective, and wisely so given the James Bond wanna-be bearing down on her. (Daniel Craig version).

    Perhaps she is a poster child for the ambivalence and caution that is developing for lower mainland condo developments.
    And perhaps they as a couple are representative of the seductive relationships between developers and consumers that have been playing out through these heady times.

    Breakfast is gonna be a let down.

  2. dingus Says:

    Is he eating noodles through a straw?

  3. Johnny33 Says:

    “A great location”, “A great starting point to get out and really live”…

    oh did we mention it’s in Abbottsford? lawlz

  4. S2 Says:

    They look like those couples you see in restaurants that don’t speak to each other and, heck, can’t even look at each other.

    You just know she is thinking “buying this place was supposed to make our lives better” and now here they are on the verge of divorce.

    I wonder what the ad means by spacious?

  5. aetakeo Says:

    Dingus, EVERYONE eats noodles through a straw these days. Did you not get the memo? It’s part of the fabulous Urban Lifestyle! Bowls of ramen through straws, and bowls of plastic apples on granite – that’s what the cool kids are doing.

    Mainly because they can’t afford food, forks, and produce.

  6. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    Could she be looking at the noodle stuck on his eyebrow while she reflects on the evening’s potential.

  7. Ulsterman Says:

    Noodles through a straw…priceless!

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