Live the receivership lifestyle

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Anyone who orders a hot chocolate at Tim Hortons knows about the muck at the bottom of the cup. For the unfamiliar, this is the gritty syrup stuff that tends to make up the last 5% of the drink. It’s disgusting and represents the worst of what Timmy’s has to offer.

The condo marketing equivalent of the Ho-Ho sludge is the receivership sale.

No surprise that this ad for some Garden City condo in Richmond leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The ad implies the project going into receivership is somehow a good thing. Am I alone in thinking a one-bedroom starting at $299,900 is not much of a “fire sale” deal? And what’s with the missing apostrophe on the website copy? Does going into receivership mean there’s no money to include the apostrophe in “Richmonds [sic] best value!”?

The only thing that could make this ad worse is if it featured a model holding a coffee mug. Not that condo marketers are still into that cliche. That’s so 2006. Oh wait. Failed that test too.

The cup o’ cocoa muck is looking pretty good right now.

7 Responses to “Live the receivership lifestyle”

  1. finklebean Says:

    Remember, that $300,000. unit is on the ground floor facing the lane. And this in ‘the land of no basements’. I’m surprised a receiver would stoop to such sleazy technique but there you go. Apparently only 58 units were presold in phase 2, the one that went tits up. Anyway, the website seems to be non-existent now so I guess there were at least 50 greater fools still out there waiting to snap a bargoon.

  2. mohican Says:

    Ho-Ho Sludge indeed! LOL!

  3. green Faced Mally Says:

    Is this made by the guy who’s being sued?

  4. Mike Says:

    This is a former Chandler Development

  5. Johnny33 Says:

    I live by this development, so I know quite a bit about what’s been going on there. For a few months development stopped completely while I’m assuming the development went into receivership. Garden City is one of the most congested roads in Richmond, second only to perhaps #3 Road. It’s a pain to turn off Alberta/Ferndale onto Garden City during rush hour or on weekend afternoons. This entire block is on a power grid that seems to go down quite often. I’m talking long outages (4-12 hours) at least 4-6 times a year. There are so many condo and townhouse developments in the area that it’s difficult to find street parking outside the actual condo buildings. But hey, if you can snag one of these 1 bedroom condos (and you better hurry at this price!) you’re well on your way to chic coffee-mug-sipping living!

  6. Johnny33 Says:

    Oh and don’t kid yourself if you think the developer who’s finishing the project is using top-notch materials and labour, rather than “whatever’s the cheapest so we can make the biggest profit”.

  7. Roberto Says:

    It’s a long day, living in receivership.
    There’s a freeway, running through the yard.

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