Under the Penticton-Napa-Tuscan sun

Kettle Ridge

Geography is not everybody’s idea of a good time but it can be fun, especially when you make a game of finding all places shaped like male genitalia. (Here’s lookin’ at you, Nova Scotia!) Condo marketers like geography too, especially when it involves making it up.

Most geographic references in condo marketing are associative — a young neighbourhood is positioned in relation to an established city. Think New York comes to Yaletown, or Yaletown comes to Surrey. In all cases, the “better” city is brought down to promote the emerging one. (For those dreaming of Surrey-style lofts in Point Grey, keep dreaming.)

On the most extreme end, like the marketing for the Kettle Ridge homesite estates in Penticton, the fledgling region assumes other popular identities altogether:

A truly special place awaits. It is calm here — the warm sun and the clear quiet air soak deep into every facet of life. Kettle Ridge is a rare collection of generous homesites in timeless Naramata. Just a few minutes from Penticton. It is an untouched haven of tranquil wine country, crystal waters and old-world warmth. It’s Tuscany. It’s Napa. It’s just the beginning.

That’s straight from the marketer’s copy; Kettle Ridge isn’t just like Tuscany or like Napa, it is Tuscany and it is Napa. To hell that one’s in Italy and one’s in California — the magic of marketing brings them together, transcending the boundaries of distance and time and returning them to the home they never knew. For Tuscany and Napa, the cradle of civilization is Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.

Condo geography rocks!

8 Responses to “Under the Penticton-Napa-Tuscan sun”

  1. doug r Says:

    It is drier than Vancouver, although I don’t think Napa Valley gets down to -10C much….

  2. jesse Says:

    Great post. You reverse-engineered this marketing message to a T.

  3. vomitingdog Says:

    Their website says, “with [our] remarkable pedigree, sotheby’s international realty opened for business in 1976 to provide a real estate service with the same exacting standards, focused on unique properties of extraordinary value…” except for that time they were the agents for a house just off East Broadway & Clarke. Not too nice.

  4. anonymous Says:

    If we’re having a geography lesson, Naramata isn’t part of Penticton…but anyways…

  5. HHV Says:

    I always thought of Nova Scotia as Canada’s right kidney…

  6. scullboy Says:

    I’m from Nova Scotia and I always thought of it as a pointing arm, from elbow to fingertip….

  7. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    is being a few minutes from Penticton a highlight or a warning?

    “Priced at $8 million you too can enjoy the warm clear ocean air on Kitisilano’s Golden Mile” – it’s only a few minutes from Cloverdale. .>)

  8. Dave Says:

    I don’t get the appeal of the Okanagan. It’s nothing like either Napa or Tuscany. In fact it is less like those places than, say, Duncan.

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