Broken wind at Windsor Gate

Windsor Gate

Pity poor Bank of Canada. Cutting the interest rate and signaling an economic slowdown — what are they thinking? Don’t they realize that this time it’s different?

If only the central bank knew the limitless potential of Metro Vancouver real estate. The people obviously get it and that’s why they respond to ads like this one for Windsor Gate. I mean, we’re talking about a masterplanned community in Coquitlam whose mascot is the ass of a headless bellhop — this place only knows how to make money. Cash out your GICs and call your agent now. Quit your job too. You have so much money to make in real estate, you might as well stop working. Not like anyone in Vancouver makes a living off working anyway. The bellhop in this ad, he owns sixteen Surrey condos and only does the servant thing for the fun of it.

Kudos to Polygon for going outside of their template comfort zone.

8 Responses to “Broken wind at Windsor Gate”

  1. Will Says:

    You’re stretching on this one. You could have ripped on how maybe one of the services would be protecting your car from being keyed (that was a coquitlam resident who just got busted) or how rich Coquitlam is in cultural events (at least the ones that are implied with this bourgeois imagery). And hey, how about that resort-like amenities room… almost nobody ever uses those things. And finally, what’s with Coquitlam going all upscale. Look at all the project imagery around the town centre as if Hwy#7 is the new Avenue of the Americas.

  2. aetakeo Says:

    Oh, Polygon. Sort of the midscale Rennie. Selling the luxury lifestyle as an apartment in Coquitlam.
    Long after this is all over, the Polygon logo will have me experiencing shivering flashbacks.

  3. mathamatical Says:

    I like how you get to be in a private members club. My guess it will give you access to your own apartment, your parking spot, the Coquitlam town centre, the gym and pool (if there are facilities). How exciting! Can wait to join.

  4. jesse Says:

    So will the doorman come with coattails? There is no stretch with your description of this ad. They are selling an unrealistic lifestyle. I assume the doorman will valet my car? No wait, my chauffeur will take care of that but I’m sure the doorman will tip his hat and call me “sir”. Am I suddenly in Chelsea? Hype central (actually hype suburban).

  5. JB Says:

    Condo hype, you’re still putting out some high quality reading entertainment. I thank you for it.

  6. condohype Says:

    Thanks JB! Glad you’re having fun. Cheers.

  7. Michael Randallbard Says:


    Now that was funny! Good one.

    To the author of this site. I’m sure more people read this site than use the comments and I for one love to read it. I think its one of the best sites on RE in BC and wish someone would run an ad in the Sun for you advertising your site.

  8. doug r Says:

    Coquitlam town centre? Can you see it from the line up to the Port Mann?

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