Template at Meridian Gate

Meridian Gate

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a template!

More specifically, a Polygon template ad for Meridian Gate in Richmond. Why bother with an original concept when you can go with what always works?

Clean, inoffensive design with double-spaced type and all your favourite keywords including:

  • Exciting address!
  • Contemporary apartment residences!
  • Evolving area!
  • Village-style!

Honest to blog — yeah, I just wrote that — this kind of condo ad is like sex in a relationship that’s gone on too long. It gets the job done and you’ll take it over nothing but it’s far from exciting and new.

6 Responses to “Template at Meridian Gate”

  1. jesse Says:

    Pretty bland but this one isn’t so bad — they’re selling the property and the neighboourhood, not the lifestyle. Could be they’re trying to market to people that can see through the normal marketing crap.

  2. mathamatical Says:

    They forgot to say close to Starbucks and shopping. If they mentioned that I’m sure they could ask for $500,000. Anyways, inventory 14,000 and climbing! Prices will soon drop at a dramatic pace.

  3. Larry Yatkowsky Says:


    Old news the prices are already in decline. Or looking at from a positive perspective they are coming back to normal. Is there is such a thing in Vancouver Real Estate.

    I can only understand the sex part vicariously. .>)

  4. vomitingdog Says:

    Damn you condohype,

    I’ve just discovered your site and it’s so good that I’m going to miss all my copy deadlines just catching up. What agencies have you worked for? Have we met?

  5. Greenhorn Says:

    This developer is using Elvis!

  6. doug r Says:

    We lived by the NW corner of Westminster Highway and Garden City. Too close to the south runway-all the old 737s take off from there. Everybody in our building was a little twitchy.

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