On coffee and affordability


Hot frothy beverages just don’t sell condos like they used to. These days, mention of affordability has replaced the stock shot of the latte as the condo marketers’ cliche of choice.

So to get to the point, please take a heavy sip of this condo copy crappucino:

Finally a place in South Surrey that offers the space and comfort of a single family home without the price tag or the maintenance. No more cutting the grass or doing those pesky home improvements. With the detached strata, you’re left with the time you deserve to spend doing the things you love. And with these incredibly stylish homes – with quality finishes like granite, hardwood and stainless steel as the standard – Skylands is a home you can afford to love.

Skylands – not only the new way to live. It’s also the smart way to live.

So, yeah, this is the “information” about the Skylands project in South Surrey. In terms of insight, you’d be better off seeking real estate advice from a barista. Heck, your average barista probably has as good a sense of the market as anyone out there, now that every owner/mortgage slave in the region considers themselves a condo mogul.

At least the coffee slinger wouldn’t insult your intelligence by calling a $679,900 home an “affordable” option for living.

Affordable? What a joke.

10 Responses to “On coffee and affordability”

  1. jesse Says:

    I cannot condone their choice in apples and pears. These days there are much tastier ones you can buy. But they’re not green.

    $679K is affordable for retirees selling their detached units and wanting something a bit more manageable but still with space for the visiting grandkids. It seems obvious they are catering this to the older crowd — no flashy supermodels, elegance, and nearby amenities; just a nice clean bright kitchen with a kettle for tea.

  2. RobBennie Says:

    Hey Mr. Hype,

    Speaking of frothing, you seem a tad worked up over this one.
    Perhaps if you had actually read the “information” you would realize these are actually single-family homes, not condos.
    Considering the average single-family dump in your neck of the woods is over $750,000, Skylands actually is affordable.

    Will that be a decaf Mr. Hype?

  3. mathamatical Says:

    Come on, in three months from now you should be able to knock off $50,000 from the list price because of all the slow sales and rising inventory.

  4. Disbelief Says:

    They are probably sitting on crappy little lots….At least $50k reduction more like $150k

  5. Larry Yatkowsky Says:


    Single Family dump for $750K. Classic turn of a phrase. Can I use that term on my next listing advertisement. “This beauty comes with used plastic bags, a broken composter, rusted house numbers and no light bulbs.” Potential for the blog annuals of the HYpeSter. .>)

  6. RobBennie Says:

    Hey Larry

    Yes, the lovely $750K fixer upper.
    Love the additional details you’ve added, not your typical Realtor speak


  7. maikopunk Says:

    At least the single family dump doesn’t come with the pesky strata council. Which is the whole point of paying for a whole, detached house, don’t you think? Most people would probably pay the extra 50k to be free from those old biddies making rules about where guests can park and what colour your blinds have to be… and what you can put on your deck.

  8. Tony Danza Says:

    Isn’t any form of strata housing a condominium by definition? I mean we have condo storage units, condo vacation properties, condo private jets etc… Anyways thanks for coming out trolls, keep blasting the bloggers and you will single handedly suspend this teetering house of cards market!

  9. visio Says:

    When i’ll retire i will move to Miami or Italy, maybe Spain, damn, 700k for a shoebox in crappy Surrey? I suggest a 50% price cut, for a short sale

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