Quattro and the forgotten city of gold


Quattro may be the name of a razor but it’s also the brand of “affordable luxury” in North Surrey. I caught an ad for a new phase of this “starter market project” on a billboard but haven’t been able to find out much new info about it.

In an article appearing last year in the Journal of Commerce, the Quattro condo is described with the kind of enthusiasm you’d see in a press release republished as a news report. My favourite comment is that of the condo marketer who describes the “lower side of middle income earners” as an “old forgotten gold mine, where known residual ore still exists.”

In the marketer’s defence, the reporter paraphased the remark but there’s something hilarious about mining metaphors getting mixed up in real estate promotion. Sooner or later, we’ll be seeing ads for Klondike Kondos, the coolest lofts this side of Whitehorse — coming soon to Scott Road.

As for the “luxury” of Quattro living, it’s interesting that once again luxury is the packaging of stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. How original. Isn’t luxury supposed to be rare?

5 Responses to “Quattro and the forgotten city of gold”

  1. Disbelief Says:

    These condos are tiny 417 sq. ft in Whalley. They should say Hong Kong size not yale town. What a joke… $179,000 just give me a gun… Madness

  2. James Glave Says:

    Disbelief: Are you kidding? Just look at that buying frenzy! Check the scale-model interaction! You’re going to miss out!

  3. Disbelief Says:

    Help yourself… I will sit this one out and live in a shoebox which will probably be about the same size…

  4. clueless Says:

    LOL, Hey Disbelief, pretty sure your upset due to scaledown of your Meth lab across the street, not to mention your probably renting. Many of these homes went for $135-$140K 417 sq ft… try to find anything for under $160 for that sq footage NEW. I presume you did not see the phase 4 & 2 additional 30 story towers going in. Your the guy that comes into sites that always claims he going to buy one day but never does, then bitches how ” i should have bought last yr” LOL… If you bought in Phase 1 you would be up 25-35K buy now. No clue

  5. Erik Says:

    theres only like 12 rooms at that 417 sq ft size out of bah i dont feel like counting but the number isnt that great and there called studios for a reason anyways there not ment to be big

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