Bob Rennie is offering love

1212 Howe

We’re eleven months away from Valentine’s Day but this means nothing to Bob Rennie, Vancouver’s king of condo marketing and master guru behind 1212 Howe. Themed to a bouquet of roses, the condo carries the tagline “good things come in 12’s.”

Allow me a moment to get a glass of water. I need to cool off.

Now, beyond the promiscuous “dozen lovers” theme — visits to the clinic are sure to follow — there doesn’t seem to be much to this brand. Was Bob too busy with his BC Business interview to give this campaign the full love it deserves? OK, I’m pushing it, but you’ve gotta wonder about the amount of effort going into a brand like this. Heck, they even went cheap on the website music.

Recognize that grüvy tune?

7 Responses to “Bob Rennie is offering love”

  1. condohype Says:

    Full disclosure: The ad for 1212 Howe featured in today’s post is a composite.

  2. RobBennie Says:

    Hey Mr. Hype,

    Not a bad layout, watch out Bob might actually use it.

    P.S. I would have justified the tagline with logo block.

  3. The Publics Says:

    So Mr.Hype, which real estate marketing firm do you work for anyways?

  4. Drachen Says:

    The back of the glossy 1212 Howe brochure I got in the mail has a “Q & A with Bob Rennie” on the back.

    I don’t even know where to start on that… It’s like if they made McDonalds TV ads that feature the advertising executive who owns the company that creates ads for them. Is he such a celebrity that people will listen to what he has to say or something? I just don’t get it, Real Estate is so messed up here that the marketing company is famous, a symbol of the extremes to which things have gone. In any normal environment the marketing company intentionally remains anonymous so as not to overshadow their client.

  5. Kopyriter Says:

    Yes, it’s awful, fragmented, way over the top and has a tagline that says – well… nothing.

    BUT, at least someone in real estate had the balls to run with a slightly concept driven campaign built around a unique feature. Albeit they chose a retarded feature (12 units… yaaay) with no real benefit, and the concept is based on a rose analogy (wtf?).

    I’m assuming Mr Rennie has either employed a BCIT marketing intern, or has just seen the latest episode of Mad Men. Either way, he’s only getting a taste of proper advertising, and then regurgitating it upon Vancity with reckless abandon.

    I give him a C- for trying. Thanks for coming out Bob.

  6. Ottavio Kerlin Says:

    A recent feature on Bob Rennie in Vancouver magazine mentioned that for some condo developments, his fee is 50,000 per unit. So much for the crap about caring about affordability for those wanting to own.

  7. Ruutu Says:

    Improper use of apostrophes. 12s is plural not possessive.

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