Max out your credit

Max on 150

If Kitsilano’s Lady Pulse wasn’t your kind of condo hottie — I admit, her watermelon fetish kinda creeped me out — perhaps you’d fancy a date with her more suburban strata sister? If so, grab yourself a three-zone bus ticket and make your way to Guildford Mall — you’ve got a date with Max.

Max is a girl of “elegance and style” brimming with “heady urban energy” beneath those sexy shades. For Max, life is all about “lap[ping] up the urban dynamics” of the Surrey lifestyle. Max enjoys single-occupancy vehicles, long walks across parking lots and is big into commitment — especially the 25- and 40-year variety. If long-term relationships aren’t your thing, Max is open to flipping. She’s a modern girl, after all.

Oh, one thing about going out with Max. When it comes to paying the bill, be sure to bring your VISA. No matter what happens, you’ll be paying in full.

3 Responses to “Max out your credit”

  1. greg Says:

    Since when did Surrey become an area of urban flats with urban architectural elegance. Crikey, isn’t this going to be attached to a mall?

  2. dingus Says:

    Uptown living. Guildford.

    Honestly, I don’t know what more to say. You can say anything now and get way with it.

  3. d Says:

    Well, now with Whalley getting marketed as Surrey Central, can the gentrification of Guildford be far behind?

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