You can’t afford to buy this

The Grove at Victoria Hill

According to The Rules of Typography, boldface text is to be used sparingly. “Reserve boldface for items that can be set entirely in bold, and avoid mixing with normal, or non-boldface, text,” says the typo rule-maker.

In this ad for The Grove at Victoria Hill in New Westminster, we find a fascinating use (or misuse) of bold in the headline. The hard-hitting “You can’t afford to miss this opportunity!” curiously draws attention to the lack of affordable housing in Greater Vancouver. The spin here is that Onni wants you to see its $265,900 one-bedroom as affordable. Yet, there’s something peculiar about the bolding of those words. It’s as if the ad designer, all but certainly priced out of the market, is screaming at the reader in a final subversive act to raise awareness of housing cost insanity.

Finally, a condo ad that sees the forest for the trees.

4 Responses to “You can’t afford to buy this”

  1. mathamatical Says:

    HAHAHA! I lived in New West for 25 years. $265,900 is way over priced. They is so much to do and see in New West like…….. get the point.

    I was actually going to buy a place myself for around $235,000 for a one bedroom in New West. The buidling was going to be close to the skytrain but won’t be complete until 2011. I figured Vancouver would be over developed and the hype would be gone for me to invest in that property. I’m taking a calculated rick but I’m betting my own money it would be worth less then $235,000 in 2011. My friend ended up buying two. It kind of sucks because both of us can’t win in this situation. He will either feel sorry for me or I will feel sorry for him.

  2. deborah Says:

    Hah – that is funny. I was thinking the message was: you can’t afford to buy anything anywhere but in New West so just settle for it.

  3. maikopunk Says:

    I’m not sure if it was your influence, but I saw this ad again over the weekend, and they had changed the “can’t afford” headline. By the way, I live in New West too,and it’s kind of a weird city, but it’s growing on me.

  4. condohype Says:

    I like New West too. I think it has a future. I would much prefer to live there than Surrey or North Delta.

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