Brio not so Grande

Brio Abbotsford

If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around, does it make a sound? This is a classic philosophical riddle that you’ve probably pondered at one time or another. Heck, if you studied philosophy you may have even used it as a pickup line.

Today I adapt the riddle for the Vancouver condo market. Here goes:

If Coal Harbour comes to Abbotsford and nobody cares, what happens to your pre-sale condo?

Answer? You don’t get the condo. Well, that might not be the whole story behind Brio in Abbotsford but it’s the gist of it. Like a few local condos of late, this one just didn’t work out and the developer’s decided to put things on hold. Take a break, as a soon-to-be ex-girlfriend/boyfriend might say.

What a shame. Who would’ve thought that million-dollar pricing and “New York-style amenities” wouldn’t catch on with the locals?

Oh, wait. Abbotsford. This makes sense.

10 Responses to “Brio not so Grande”

  1. MS Says:

    Is that marketing promo picture for real? What an eyesore! Talk about ruining the aesthetic of a community with one concrete tower rising above farms, detached houses and wide open spaces.

    Whoever came up with this idea is a moron.

  2. dingus Says:

    1.2 million to live in a tower in Abbotsford?

    What the holy hell f*ck??? Who, who, who, I ask you, is going to pay 1.2 million to live in a tower in Abbotsford???

    Moronic indeed.

  3. maikopunk Says:

    Exactly. Who moves to Abbotsford in order to live in an apartment?

    Maybe the “prestigious address” was close to the mini-golf castle and go-kart track – they must be referring to Coney Island when they said “New York-style amenities”.

  4. exvancouverite Says:

    What the holy hell f*ck??? Who, who, who, I ask you, is going to pay 1.2 million to live in a tower in Abbotsford???

    Don’t be trash-talking now. There was at least 20 ‘buyers’ for the project. They must be visionary, eh? Kinda like opting into a bad acid trip.

  5. j6p Says:

    does this mean that abbotsford is no longer the new Mecca of quality living?

  6. dingus Says:

    No offense against Abbotsford, but I have a hard time imagining that it’s the next nesting place of high density executroid metrosexual living. If I was looking for a 4000 sf McMansion Tony-Soprano-esque sprawl home, that’s where I’d be looking. Tower living? Not a frickin’ chance. Re-frickin’-diculous. did I say frick enough? Frick.

  7. Abbotsford Real Estate : BRIO BUST BUZZ Says:

    […] halted on Fraser Valley condo projectand also a hot topic for real estate bloggers like Condo Hype and Matthew Collinge. Numbers of BRIO stories and searches (yes, I do track […]

  8. doug r Says:

    Hey, I graduated from Abby Senior. There’s always been a few apartment blocks around there, the population doubles about every 10 years, IIRC.
    That being said….$1.2 million? In Abbotsford? Are you F**KING KIDDING?

  9. Jim Says:

    To be fair, the units that were priced over $1 million dollars (2 of them) were among the few that were sold. I have to agree that almost no one in Abbotsford likes that hip, modern styling. I think they would’ve done better if they stuck with a classic luxury theme. Oh yeah, and they would need a better location! There are much better locations for a high rise of this magnitude in Abbotsford.

    P.S. the population of Abbotsford DOES NOT double every 10 years. That is absolutely ridiculous.

  10. Boomer Says:

    Nothing wrong with the location: next to a brand new, state of the art hospital and cancer clinic. That’s very re-assuring for the retirement generation. But the luxury style a-la Manhattan was a bit over the top.

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