Solo stands alone

Solo | Maple Ridge

This ad for Solo in Maple Ridge is a throwback to the heyday of Vancouver condo marketing; you know, back when all ads were cringe-inducing abominations that championed the worst of what the Lower Mainland has to offer. Like, OK, we get it folks: Greater Vancouver is a great place to play golf, enjoy nature, and throw surprise birthday parties for all your favourite urban professional friends.

What is actually being sold here? Is there anything about Solo that stands out from every other skybox under the Lotusland sun? From the website copy:

Imagine a city where mountains, forests, rivers and streams are at your doorstep. A destination where modern-day business amenities rub shoulders with a history that is fascinating and rich. A place that’s conveniently accessible, but one who’s beauty makes it difficult to leave.

There’s lots to tear into in that passage, but I’ll limit myself to the bit about modern-day business amenities “rubbing shoulders” with a rich and fascinating history. Somebody want to tell me what anyone is supposed to make of this? The best thing I can come up with is the thought of a Staples store as host venue for a masturbation conference.

My apologies if that’s crude but the condo is named Solo.


5 Responses to “Solo stands alone”

  1. jesse Says:

    I think we’re on to something here. Guess where these up and coming developments are located:

    Soda, Sofa, Soup, Sour, …. Sold!

  2. David Says:

    Sorry to be pedantic and even a bit anal, but shouldn’t a copywriter or marketing person know the difference between “who’s” (“who is”) and “whose”?

  3. condohype Says:

    Yep, they should. These mistakes are so commonplace now I don’t even bother pointing them out.

  4. dingus Says:

    No, no. The new rule i’s you MU’ST put an apo’strophe whenever an ‘S i’s coming up. We’ve had thi’s di’scu’s’sion.

  5. doug r Says:

    Especially when referring to the possessive form of it. It’s is short for it is, dammit! Something “belongs” to something else, the word is “its”.
    It’s truly annoying, it is.

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