Who let the dogs out?


The Jacobsen was one of the first puppies I had on a leash back when I started my frolic into condo-slander in early 2007. Ten months later the development’s still a dog. Man, I thought Vancouver real estate was supposed to have bite. With 15 units remaining, it’s clear this bitch is just bark. Woof.

7 Responses to “Who let the dogs out?”

  1. ThePope Says:

    This is your final opportunity to purchase a home before we close the doors.

    ..You will then have a final opportunity to purchase one of these condos AFTER they close the “presentation centre” doors, and then you get a final opportunity to purchase one of these condos after they finish construction. So many final opportunities! How lucky we are!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Prices have stagnated since last year, it didn’t go up at all, in fact went down 10k!

  3. Larry Yatkowsky Says:

    it’s not final till they knock it down for the final opportunity to buy the new improved version. .>)

  4. BearClaw Says:

    Only $532/square foot??!!

    hahaha to put that in print takes balls.

  5. doug r Says:

    $532 a square foot? WTF? You could buy 4 places in Jacksonville for that!
    Greater Vancouver prices will get there eventually.

  6. M- Says:

    Well, a unit in my 13-year old wood-frame condo building (in Kits) just sold for over $570/sq.ft. By contrast, $532/sq.ft sounds downright cheap for a new building! …Of course, you’d have to put up with being on the edge of an industrial neighbourhood, but that can always be overlooked…

  7. Geodoc Says:

    This article might be worth consideration to help select the nature of the seatbelt you want to have at hand before the impending wreck:


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