Surrey goes Boston

The Brownstones at Morgan Heights

When I think of Surrey, I think, “You know, this place could use a little more Boston.” For a long time, I thought my dreams would never be realized, save for that Boston Pizza near the corner of Scott Road and Nordel Way. Well, thank goodness for Adera, the “pure know how” developer. Because of their greatness, a whole ‘hood of “Boston style urban homes” are coming to Surrey. They’re calling them The Brownstones at Morgan Heights.

For maximum effect, try reading the following copy with a Massachusetts accent (any trouble, just think Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting):

Imagine living in the sunniest part of the Lower Mainland, everything you need within walking distance of your home in a true urban village. Picture your new 3-bedroom home at The Brownstones: classic beauty, contemporary style customized to your preference, and Built Green using sustainable living technology.

I’m fascinated that the developer willingly compares Surrey to Boston. Lots of crime movies are set in Boston. The Departed. Mystic River. Boondock Saints.

Interesting. That’s all I’m saying.

6 Responses to “Surrey goes Boston”

  1. torpesco Says:

    Also love how these ‘brownstones’ predominantly feature *siding* rather than brick. The picture looks nothing like any brownstones I saw in Boston. (Granted, it was a rather brief visit.)

  2. Elaine Says:

    True brownstone is not even used anymore. It turned out to be very soft, and the old brownstones in New York are melting, and their ornamentation is falling off. Vancouver developers use “brownstone” meaning “brick” and often it just means a bit of brick facing. In this case, however, judging from the photos, it means, well, nothing at all.

  3. scullboy Says:

    Hey if you want a real laugh, try reading the copy in a “mayor Quimby” voice. 🙂

  4. doug r Says:

    So brownstones in Boston are about a mile from a shopping center and 45 minutes from downtown?

  5. tom Says:

    I walked through a few of the demos, and they look nothing like brownstones from Boston or New York. However, the layouts are quite nice, and you not only get a 2-car garage on the bottom floor, but, you also have use of the entire roof, plus there’s a balcony off the kitchen. By contrast, the Allure townhouses seemed better quality, but, the layouts sucked and there was no roofdeck and the balconies were in a stupid location. But, who wants to live in Surrey??

  6. Lemuel Jopio Says:

    I checked out this development yesterday. Boy, I was very disappointed! The workmanship in the Demo homes was absolutely horrible.

    First of all, the railings on some of the stairs weren’t properly filled at the base. It was a ghastly sight for potential customers to see, especially at eye level.

    Plus, some of the kitchen counter tops were not properly fitted together tightly. You can take apart the counters with your bare hands.

    Don’t even get me started on the uneven walls.

    Yes, the roof-top balcony was pretty nice. But how often will you host a party up there? It’s mid-April already and we still have chilly weather.

    A horrible first impression for Adera, especially for an area like Morgan Heights.

    Stay away!!!

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