Live the Linden lifestyle


There are some lines I won’t cross. Despite being an anonymous blogger, I have a big thing for ethics. Something from reading all the condo builder copy about “commitment to excellence” has rubbed off on me. Satire, not slander, is my motto. I like to think I dance around it pretty well. I focus on the ads rather than personalities and I leave it open to anyone to respond.

Part of being ethical also means avoiding favouritism. No special treatment because an ad was designed by a roommate, or a person I’d like to mate with. My loyalty to objectivity must be as solid as a granite countertop. To date, it has been. But today, I must confess a lapse in judgment.

For today, I am looking at a condo being co-developed by none other than the great Trevor Linden. The condo, named West, is a 19-unit “high spec” development in Point Grey.

Having Trev involved changes the game. At least my game anyway. I know what he means to this city. For me to raise any critical suggestion, to insinuate even the slightest negative remark would be an exercise in high treason. (If Bertuzzi had his own condo, well, that’s a different story.)

Sorry, folks. I won’t mess with Vancouver’s favourite son. Trev, you’re the best, buddy. You’ll get no trouble from me.

5 Responses to “Live the Linden lifestyle”

  1. RobBennie Says:

    Mr. Hype,
    Your objectivity is more of a thin laminate than a solid marble.
    Rather than comment yourself you’re relying on the masses of bitter renters out there to vent on your behalf.
    Shame Mr. Hype, quit turtling & drop the gloves!

  2. S2 Says:

    Can we pull your hockey sweater over your head Mr. Hype?

  3. Psshhhh Says:

    Seeing how bad the Canucks have become it’s no surprise that they would eventually turn into condo developers.

  4. doug r Says:

    Well, they pay him about $600,000 a year, so he should be able to afford something about $2.4 million (if he doesn’t retire).

  5. Johnno Says:

    I must say I’m quite disappointed Mr. Hype. Using your logic, you should not be slandering any development that has a developer/marketer who has ever done any type of charity work, donated money, or have just done good deeds for the city of Vancouver as Trevor Linden has. I’m not saying that they’re are a plethora of these type of people out there in the condo marketing industry, but you can bet that behind many of the developments you’ve bashed, there are people who have done a lot for the city…perhaps even more than Tlindy (albeit in a less public way.) So should they be immune from your wrath as well? I would say no, as business and personal charity are completely seperate. It is unfortunate that you have decided to mix these two domains in this blog as it is highly inconsistent with past blogs and will most certainly lessen the impact of your blogs in the future…at least for me anyway.

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