Subprime sublime

Residences at City Place, Jacksonville

I like surprises. I thought I’d never see the day when a condo hyped in the Sun/Province would be priced below $60,000. Last week, I experienced a great surprise. The shock was overwhelming. For once, a condo priced within reach. The promise of a lifestyle fantasy fulfilled. The address I’ve always wanted… in Jacksonville.

Uh, Jacksonville. What, is that in Surrey? You know, like one of those nouveau neighbourhood nicknames like Central City? Nope. Think Florida. As in Jacksonville, Florida.

So there you have it, friends — the subprime mortgage meltdown has made its way to Metro Vancouver, bringing to us a wide range of deep-discounted condo opportunities in the USA.

This ad is for the Residences at City Place in Jacksonville but it might as well be Coal Harbour. With studios sized at 450 square feet located in a convenient downtown location, is there really any difference?

5 Responses to “Subprime sublime”

  1. VicREBear Says:

    Nice to see that the Jacksonvilleians are every bit as adept in their spelling as our local condo advertisers. “Controlled Acess”. Hmm.

  2. RobBennie Says:

    WOW. Multi – Unit Discounts.
    Anyone want to buck up for a half dozen units?

  3. dingus Says:

    holy sh*t. what kind of glut do they have when they have market 5000 km away?

    Who out west vacations in Fla anyway?

  4. doug r Says:

    That’s $133.11 a square foot-you could get any one of 182 properties for less per sq ft:

  5. cal Says:

    Damn there are some good deals down south now. But it’s tough as a Canadian buyer to get financing for a rental investment. At these prices it might be worth going through the hoops though…

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