I am also not easily impressed


Why do I bother with commentary? The marketers say it all. I’m unnecessary. There’s no place for me. I mean, what could I possibly contribute in the face of this:

In a city overwhelmed with choices, MOSAIC strives to build homes that surpass all others. LINKS is a showcase of our quest. Overlooking a majestic golf course, with breathtaking mountain views, we found the ideal site to build a community of two, three, and four bedroom rowhomes minutes from cafes, malls, farmers markets, mountain trails, and lakes. We have carefully considered every detail — from doorbells to closet space to rooflines to the pedestrian pathways which circle around common parks and gardens. So whether you are walking your dog or picking up your mail, you will see nature. You will be part of a vibrant village. You will feel right at home. Connected. By Design.

The script is damn near hypnotic. Reading it, I have visions of Royter hovering above me. “You WILL see nature. You WILL be part of a vibrant village. You WILL feel right at home. You WILL be paying this off for 40 years.”

More info at www.liveatlinks.com but be warned, if you’re looking to know where this development is, don’t bother with the website. It doesn’t tell you, and that brings about a lot of problems if the object of this ad is make me want to live (buy) at Links.

I may be mad, but there’s something to be said about dwelling on the details.

2 Responses to “I am also not easily impressed”

  1. M- Says:

    Strange that they don’t tell you where the project is located… Maybe it doesn’t actually matter anymore? Buy and you’ll make money!

    If you go to the developer’s website (mosaichomes.com), they have an outline of all their projects. Here’s the info for this one:

    Port Coquitlam, BC
    Coming Spring 2008 to Port Coquitlam is a collection of 137 two and three bedroom Rowhomes set along a beautiful golf course with a majestic mountain backdrop.

  2. Panda Says:

    This ad is astonishingly bad. I always assume that no price means outrageously expensive. No picture means painfully ugly. No location means a terrible location where the land is cheap for some reason or another.

    I suppose “carefully considered every detail” also applies to the advertising campaign?

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