There will be Beasley

The Beasley

As a young city, Vancouver doesn’t have a lot of history to work with. Or perhaps better said, Vancouver doesn’t have a lot of history that we care to think about in any serious way. The consequences that flow from this thinking range from the serious (a lack of civic engagement, general indifference to poverty, etc.) to the not-so-serious (supremely crappy condo names that wouldn’t be caught dead in an Ikea catalogue).

On the condo-name front, Vancouver’s “missing past” has left the developers and marketers to come up with their own names, often with disastrous results. Combing through a list of recent Lower Mainland condos — Pulse, Legacy, Ultra, Ginger — you get the sense that Metro Vancouver condo names are much ado about nothing. (Well, maybe almost nothing. I guess somebody could appreciate condos branded like aftershave.)

So what name does Amacon bestow on its latest Yaletown development? Turns out it isn’t Mountain Rain, Musk, or even Ocean Breeze. The Beasley is the name and the brand “pays tribute” to Larry Beasley, Vancouver’s former co-director of planning. Much of the development in the city in the last two decades was subject to Beasley’s approval and given the emergence of Vancouver as the king of condo cities, it’s fitting that LB gets a condo of his own. (And a Yaletown condo too, no doubt.)

To the developers, I say keep this up. Don’t shy away from the history of Vancouver. Spare us the neighbourhoods of towers named like nightclubs and sex toys. You can build Vancouver’s future by acknowledging Vancouver’s past. Do it for Larry. Do it for the kids.

14 Responses to “There will be Beasley”

  1. Mike Says:

    How about “The Owen” shelter for DTES prostitutes, named after our dear ex-mayor Philip. Or maybe the “Glen Clark Home Renovations centre”.

  2. Johnnyrent Says:

    How about the “Bif” (Bif Naked, a supposed local celebrity). Bif has no meaning but imagine the copy opportunities: “Bif Only All Condos Were Built This Way”, “Bif, Remove Clothes Before Entering”, “Bif, Stripped Down Value”…..

  3. RobBennie Says:

    Sorry Mr. Hype but it seems you are far too impressed by this lame attempt at “Vancouver history” by naming a development after an ex Director of Planning.
    Perhaps you have it wrong, maybe it’s named after this Larry Beasley:
    Come on Mr. Hype you’re getting too soft.

  4. condohype Says:

    RobBennie: That you actually searched AMW and found a fugitive to link to makes me like you even more.


    Good post! Remembering the past, examining the present and planning for the future.

  6. The Publics Says:

    It’s interesting to associate a condo tower with the act of remembering because to me, condos have a peculiar spectral quality about them, as if something has been erased and replaced with a warehouse full of ghosts.

  7. scullboy Says:

    I still love Vancouver, but the ever accelerating lame condo branding is really depressing. Even more depressing are the idiots who seem to buy into it.

    Please, sweet Jesus. Let the real estate market crash, and crash brutally.

  8. Benn Says:

    Sorry to mention this, but in French “Beasley” sounds like “f— them”…

  9. Ultraman Says:

    scullboy Says:

    “I still love Vancouver, but the ever accelerating lame condo branding is really depressing. Even more depressing are the idiots who seem to buy into it.”

    Yes, buying a condo, or anything else for that matter, because you got sucked by the lame advertizing is dumb but not buying it because of the same lame advertizing is even dumber.

    Case in point, I have friends who didn’t buy into the Domus (on Homer) because they were annoyed by the stupid Latin naming crap in the marketing material. The price of a 900 square foot apartment was something like $270k at 2002 pre-sale price. Not exactly good judgment on their part.

  10. doug r Says:

    So there’s a Drake-so there must be a Penthouse and a Number 5?

  11. greg Says:

    Don’t forget the Cecil.

  12. sam Says:

    hahaha…rob bennie. love it.

    uumm, yeah, I saw that condo add too stick out like a sore thumb on seymour. it’s so..not.
    but hey, at least it’s not fetishizing asian women serving you spirits (i.e. shangri-la)

  13. Atomos Says:

    We used to have regular illustration meetings at the Homer Cafe on Thursday mornings. Can’t say much for the food but it was an interesting, cheap and untrendy place to meet up. I’m missing that place. Seems like all the good hole in the wall’s are gone. Not much history left here. Sad that I can barely afford to live in Chinatown anymore either. It’s the people who are buying up investment homes who are causing this artificial housing market here. Good for home owners and bad for the rest of us who don’t make enough to own… or rent.
    How the hell do you make a 33 story “Heritage” building anyway? Last time I checked it was only three stories. Sounds like another case of Facadism.

  14. The Beasley Yaletown | Vancouver Condo Blog Says:

    […] There Will Be Beasley –  Condo Hype […]

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