Blaine drain

Seascape at Blaine Harbor

Willing to cross a border to get to your condo? The condo marketing machine thinks so. So much so that the hucksters behind Seascape at Blaine Harbor paid big bucks to advertise in last weekend’s Vancouver Sun.

Not to rain on the parade, but I surmise that considerably smaller bucks were spent on the ad and web design which, on the quality spectrum, falls somewhere between awful and ass.

For all you folks with $379,500 burning a hole in your pocket, can I ask, are you swayed by this kind of advertising? I wonder how anyone can have confidence in a development when the media materials are so bad. Just try loading the Seascape website. You could get through customs faster than it takes for the main page to come up.

Sweat out the page load and take a read of the “superior top-quality” features that come standard with these condos. My personal favourite is the “complete cleaning prior to occupancy.” Good to know that after dropping close to 400K, I won’t have to bring my shop vac.

4 Responses to “Blaine drain”

  1. The Aesthetic Poetic Says:

    What a beautiful photograph. Look at that view!

    Moreso than a sad attempt at condohyping, this ad looks more like the cover of a low-budget, straight to video “cape fear” knock-off.

  2. Chad Brown Says:

    That ad is craptastic! Kinda retro, like something you might find in a newspaper archive from the 1930’s. I’m thinking that whoever designed this ad had little design skill… no other ads like it – anywhere nearby.

    I suppose the simplicity of the ad, at the same time, might ad charm to what might appear to be simple marketers, marketing a ‘simple location’. A location with simple locals. Or it’s just ass-marketing 😉


  3. Krista Says:

    I would just like to thank you for your website. I was trying to find some images of condo marketing for a poster I created to make a political statement about affordable housing in Revelstoke as resort development has hit big time and we are being inundated with the sales pitch. I studied all the images on your website to come up with a glossy poster that would emulate that look. Thanks! To see the image I came up with go to my website at and click on the row boat. Or email me and I will send you the image. Krista

  4. solipsist Says:

    Meye blain hults.

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