When results matter

SIA Residences

It’s hard being a professional communicator. I know because I am one. But when I say it’s hard, it’s not so much the job. It’s way the job is marginalized by non-communicators. After all, everyone can communicate, right? Wrong.

When a lawyer gives advice, the client takes it as expertise. When an ad man gives advice, the client thinks they know better.

Or maybe the ad man doesn’t give advice because no client ever came through the door. Everyone can communicate, right? So what’s the sense in paying someone to do it? What’s the value in getting a professional when all you need is Photoshop and Microsoft Word?

For the latest proof of why professional communicators matter and how the amateurs are corrupting the trade, take this ad for SIA Residences in Maple Ridge.

You don’t need to look closely to know that this is an abomination of copywriting and graphic design. The script feels like a pastiche of other ad copy put through the photocopier, then the microwave, then laid out on a granite-veneer countertop. “Built with urban quality energy?” WTF?!

What kind of logic is being used to organize the information? The copy starts with something about priority registration, shifts font size to provide us with masturbation-by-adjectives, then goes bold to advise the world the sales centre is “opened” daily. Skip down and we get contact info, a bulleted list with awkward capitalization, and a stand-alone credits section for the marketer-realtor.

The talent behind this is Keller Williams Results Realty. I love that “results” is part of their name. Nothing says results like misspelling the URL in your ad.

Yeah, the URL’s wrong.

Will such attention to detail go into the building of the condo?

For more information about SIA Residences, make sure you go to www.siaresidences.ca.

14 Responses to “When results matter”

  1. Gwen Says:

    I get really annoyed when people are lazy about how they use the hyphen. It reads, “urban quality energy-conserving principles” but the justification on that paragraph separated the words around the hyphen. I am by no means in marketing so I have no idea who they hired….

  2. Nous Says:

    Reading what was intended to be a hypen as a dash, I wondered what principles they were conserving.

  3. T Says:

    Realtors are notoriously bad when it comes to creating their own ads. It all makes sense to them, but not to anyone else. They really should be discouraged from doing anything creative…

  4. CondoVan Says:

    The girl on the website is scary. Check out the feature sheet…lame. Most of the suites are a lot smaller than I thought they should be for Maple Ridge. Pricing would be interesting.

  5. jack Says:


    I completely agree. The suites are tiny for being out in Maple Ridge. If the pricing does not reflect the size they could be in a heap of trouble.

  6. Patiently Waiting Says:

    What does “Sia” mean? Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists? Security Industry Authority? Singapore Airlines?

    What is wrong with that woman in the ad? What did they do to her?

  7. Panda Says:

    This ad is so bad that if I tried to understand it, it would make my head ache.

    “Leed. Building Principles=Property Tax breaks from Maple Ridge”

    What does “Leed” mean? Why is “Tax” capitalized? That is an aggravating use of the equality sign: if you are a “Principle” then you equal “Tax breaks”?!?

    That hyphen and its spacing left me perplexed too.

  8. Panda Says:

    Oh, wait a minute. It was “Principle” not “Principal” ! Now it all makes sense (sarcasm)

    So their “Building Principles” (ie, the principles they use to build?) equal “Tax breaks” ?!?! The more I think about it the scarier it sounds…..

  9. solipsist Says:

    Since shredding the copy is so much in order, I want to mention that their keyboard looks to need some servicing. The period key seems to be sticking. Though, perhaps it is an overly dramatic extension of … You know, for those who just need to be led by the nose to their financial slaughter.

  10. Peter Says:

    can you say ESL gone bad?

    probably where the building name came from too…

  11. duran Says:

    Hmmm, Sia coincidentally is the name of the car salesman that I dealt with once…

  12. Chad Robinson Says:

    OMG I laughed out loud at your comentary… just goes to show how proofreading, or intelligence, are beneficial to advertising.

    Your masturbation comment put me over the edge… I’m stealing that one ;). I’ll footnote you though.

    Please, please continue blogging. I follow every article and laugh along!

  13. Courtney Says:

    I’m pretty sure the woman in this ad is laughing while making fun of this ridiculous advertisement. Either that, or she is well-along in the process of enjoying masturbation-by-adjectives.

    At least the errors are big. Can’t say the same for the suites…call me a size queen. Adjectives are the only thing I’m getting off-on with this condo project.


  14. Bruce Walker Says:

    This ad is worthy of http://www.engrish.com

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