Rennie’s world-class hype

Jameson House

A common argument made by Vancouver real estate’s most ardent fans is that because Vancouver is a “world city” it follows that the market charge “world-class” prices. Never mind that those other world cities — London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo — are the economic capitals of the planet. Vancouver’s top talent knows the “smart money” is earned elsewhere.

This whole thing about Vancouver being “world class” is an empty concept to satisfy our collective ego because we’re too stuck up to admit that we’re really not that high on the international radar. It’s kinda like the debate about the Canucks being an “elite” team.  Really, does it matter if Naslund and the boys are perceived as elite or not? Who cares?! Just get past the second round.

Before I go too far off the rails, I should note that the world-city pitch has been gangbusters for the condo marketers. What better way to shill a dump than appeal to consumer “sensibilities” about what a great city Vancouver is.

Bob Rennie’s marketing for Jameson House is all about world class. Designed by Norman Foster — as if the average Vancouver Sun reader has any idea who that is — Jameson House is a condo tower assembly of 131 suites of “unequalled value by design and price.” That’s a direct quote from King Bob himself. Never mind that the suites in question range from $829,000 for an “organic suite” to $3.75 million for the penthouse.

World-class city? Oh sure. World class for hype.

5 Responses to “Rennie’s world-class hype”

  1. Real Estute Says:

    I’m also sick and tired of having Vancouver considered as equals with places like Tokyo, London, New York, Shanghai, etc. I travel a fair bit and the one claim to fame the city/entire region does have is natural beauty. I’ve experienced this comment from many people that have never even visited. Amenity-wise, no way is Vancouver a world class city – but I’m not complaining, I don’t care to live in a world class city with world class sized problems either.

  2. aetakeo Says:

    Oh, I remember seeing these about 2 years ago, artist sketches. In the sketches, those round bubbles give you a great view of your neighbour’s suite. And I imagine storage solutions for organic rooms are a nightmare.

  3. T.K Says:


  4. the AP Says:

    You have a point but….

    who will be buying these suites? I’d like to know the stastics on foreign ownership of downtown condo real-estate. If Rennie is marketing Jameson as london-style, ranging it on roppongi prices, and selling it to taiwanese, then, it would seem the plan is quite a success.

    in fact, this possibility brings the whole concept of Vancouver’s “real-world” existence into question.

    -The AP

  5. David G Says:

    To you and me these ultra high end condo towers are just pieces of an elaborate downtown sculpture garden. They are not functional additions to a city since the vast majority of these sky homes, living spaces, organic suites, estates, residences, lifestyles, and luxurious modern flats are rarely, if ever, lived in. The hotel, offices, restaurants, and grocery stores are the functional components of these towers and everything should be done to encourage more of these elements in future developments.

    I’m loving CondoHype, keep up the good work!

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